Psychs. A new ficion thriller by A. H. Amin

Our protagonist, have never been alone since the day he was born, he had always felt watched. Even in public places he felt the extra presence. Discovering the reason at the age of seventeen, his life had never been the same again.

My story is a fiction thriller which takes place in two times, nowadays and ten years from now. Its about a man named Hassan, he’s an adopted son who lives in Emirates. His tragic event of his birth caused the souls of eight people to be connected to him, the revelation of the truth placed him inside an asylum for a while. As a grownup now, and after events which shaped his path (which are shown in the form of flash backs in the story) he will choose the military life, using the help of the eight ghosts in military tactics and in gathering Intel for him. A soldier like that will not belong to a country, so he plans to be a soldier of fortune.

He will train him self by acting in the first book as a hero of some sort, to gain experience, but he will find out how easy it is to face death in that business and how much he will be wishing for a miracle, other than the one he has. He will be acquainted with a man named Adam Goldfish, a Marine who have been assumed dead for thirteen years, and now, he wants to see through his revenge. An action driven 99,555 words fiction thriller, a story of wit, survival, of first love and of fate’s path.

I hope my fantasy finds its way to you and in a way move you all….


A. H. Amin



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  2. sakuraandme · December 13, 2012

    Hahaha. Years ago I had a goldfish! (Wanda) my brother was looking after her and she died! he bought a new one and thought I wouldn’t notice! *smiling* I did! Wanda always came when I tapped the aquarium…this one ignored me! Lol we both laughed…

    This book sounds right up my alley! Damn it! much longer? Lol x

    • ahamin · December 14, 2012

      Haha, couldn’t fool you 🙂
      Soon, I promise. 🙂

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