An important phase to pass through life’s threshold… known as a University

As a senior in my university, and a writer, I was asked to write what I have gained through these years that I had to spend in here. They wanted me to write an article about it.

I didn’t hesitate to say yes, I enjoyed my last article (We are not perfect)… So I went through my memories to have my materials… it turned out that I have to go even further backward in time to let everyone understand my view, and why I want them to know that they are in their right path through our still going journey that we simply nicknamed, life.



University as an experience



My first time inside a university campus was in a field trip, a memorable day in which I learned a lesson still engraved inside my head. A professor explained to us what we get from the carrier and mind sculpturing institute known as a university.

‘In here’ he told us, ‘you will get to leave with two degrees, your major, and the social or psychological degree’ he paused for us before he continued to explain.

Now, thanks to my years in there, I can finally understand what he meant. The diversities, the mentalities, the interactions… these are the right of passage through life’s threshold and they are always present in all the universities.

We find ourselves here, with students with different backgrounds, shaping our social skills, and building relations we have seen with those who once were called students like us. As students, we get to pass through with the help of the professors, hoping one day we would be able to call them colleagues.

That being said, we now know that the new, experienced person is much better than the first one we were; no one can say that he or she were the same person who arrived the first year. We learn in this university how to work, we learn how to work with each other, and by that, we can accomplish.

So I hope this piece of my mind you are holding  gives you some insight to one of the important parts of your journey, I hope all the new students will get to imagine how important and beautiful their days to come can be. I hope all the professors, the seniors and the students who are in their way to get there got to live their memories of their days of their own universities through this column. And once again, to those who are still carrying us towards our real life, I thank you all.


A. Amin


A tribute to my hero, my brother

Everyone uses a Clay of their lives when they write, I wanted to create a character who everyone will like. So first, that character must be someone that impresses me, I must be the one who likes him before everyone else.

My protagonist is an approximate portrait of my brother, his image reflects in my mind whenever I write or read about my main character, that’s what I use to make my own characters think on their own, like imagining people from my life or a movie or TV star. Like I imagine Josh Holloway as Adam Goldfish, another main character in my novel, and someday, Christopher Lee will be the face of a main fictional character in my novel.

My brother is the star of my show, he used to be very athletic, he’s also a very good driver and a racer, he’s too good with cars you’d think he was breast fed with Schumacher. Unlike me… I once thought Opel was a shirt brand because they sponsored AC Milan FC, and they had their logo on their football shirts.

My older brother had always covered my back, he still does. He’s a character I idolize, and I wanted to make my main character a tribute to him… I gave him his name, and some of his talents. If the readers learned to love my character, they are loving my older brother, the hero of my life, and now, the hero of my fiction thriller

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A great poem, I specially loved the ending.

Esperanza Writes

Come closer and hold me tight against you..
Walk with me and show me a beautiful path..
A path where obstacles exist but you will always point it out to me… help me through it..
And no matter how we look ragged and old we will still be close together..
No matter .. No matter how maybe one day I would face sickness you will be there for me .. holding my hand and never letting go..
Assuring me that everything will be alright…
And when that path comes to an end.. you bring a shovel to dig another path.. so that our path becomes that path that never ends..

-Esperanza Writes

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Jarir bookstores and Alef bookstores

I just wanted to post an announcement for all the good readers of fiction thrillers in Kuwait and in Egypt that my novel can be found in both countries.

It is already have been released in Kuwait in Jarir bookstores, and tomorrow at night, it will be placed in Alef bookstores, a great bookstore in Egypt.

Once I am more mobile, I’ll be heading to the UK, and I’ll host a book signing event over there.

Here’s a sample chapters of my novel, I hope it will get you all excited to have a look at the full picture.

Have a good read.

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Good and evil

After my interview with Clinch magazine, the interviewer asked me a question, she said ‘You wanted diversity in your novel… I saw that when you included villains from different places and backgrounds… but aren’t you afraid that someone may be offended?’

I told her ‘I have included good guys from more than one place too, mostly from the same places the bad people are from… but I get your point, some times we can’t avoid what people are thinking as they go through any book, you may get racism from a children’s book if your mind allowed that, and the only way to understand otherwise is by talking to the author like you did, and you are the first person to mention that to me’ she laughed at my last remark as I gave her the pirate eye.

‘ But as you know, I wrote something in the beginning of the novel for the readers, right before the dedication, so they can understand through the fictional story a true fact’

So I wanted to share this fact that I wrote in my novel, and I hope in a way it’ll change your way of thinking about people, and your selves.

‘Good and Evil has no passport; it wears many skins, speaks in different tongues, and exists everywhere, even in the same person’ — (Psychs)

Motivational Article

My university wanted me to write a motivational article in their magazine. The first thought that came to me was ‘that kind of  awkward’… It was all so sudden and also – unfortunately – I’m the kind of person who can’t say no to requests like that.

So I didn’t say yes… I said ‘it will be my honor’… having nothing in my mind to write about as I said that.

I started to think that maybe I’m not the right person to write about that, it is hard for me to motivate my self even, I remembered the many times I had thought about how I worked so hard to manage in my fields, I struggle most of the time.

Looking at my self I realized that I’m not………… and here it was, my North star. I realized the title for my motivational speak, the rest came out naturally.

So I wanted to share my Motivational Article with you all, entitled (We are not Perfect)….

‘We are not perfect’

     A statement which is true, but sadly, it’s always been used as an excuse. It is what we tell ourselves every time someone, or we, pinpoint a flaw in us. By saying we can’t be perfect, we are just humans, we give ourselves the excuse not to pursue a better us. Perfect is a vast scale that for us seems limitless.

Being fully perfect means to reach a certain limit… why have a limit when we can always work to better ourselves. Our flaws shouldn’t be our excuses to stop polishing ourselves, our flaws are the reason why we go on to correct them, and by doing so, broadening our own horizon, making our journey through life worth while.

We live in the modern world now, realizing the previous concept, this adapted new way of thinking is more realistic today than it was ever before. Thanks to the people who have broadened their own horizon and brought that modern world to us, people who advanced in their fields for the sake of the advancement of the human race. There isn’t any single person who can hear this without thinking of the many Nobel Prize winners and of the many vital technologies that houses or establishments can’t do without. Thanks to them, we have a better chance to achieve success in even more than one field. Today’s gifts – which are presented through the digital world of computers and world web, and through the advanced knowledge compiled throughout the years of addition – had strengthened our once weakened will, arming us with better means to try more for our selves and others, creating not a perfect world… but a limitless one. We can certainly say, that the skies are no longer our limits, we have already reached them.

Its a good Omen

The Omen turned out to be good… I just came back from an interview.

To sum up, I got a call this morning from a magazine called Clinch, and they asked for an interview with me. All I could think of at the moment I hung up was of my latest post… I’m glad that the skies are smiling for me today.

I was surprised to find out that the woman who interviewed me have already finished my book.

She was kind with me, and I ended up with a new fan.

Its a great feeling when you find a good omen which may lead to another one.

My new born

This is my new born book… only a day old now, surrounded by great works and well known authors.

I feel like I just had my first baby and I’m looking at it through the window of the nursery room… I feel proud.

If you want to know more about my book, you can visit here and have a better insight, you’ll find more about the book, about future works, about me, and there’s also a sample chapters to give you an even better look inside my book.

I hope one day my novel would find its way to your shelves.



A. H. Amin