Richard Linklater quoted from Thomas wolfe in Before Sunset, saying…
‘We are the sum of all the moments of our lives, and that anybody who sits down to write is gonna use a clay of their own life, that you can’t avoid’
I was able to imagine my fictional characters from my reality; my family, my friends, from my times in the university, my brief time I spent working as a timepieces salesman, or even from a nickname of a beloved. It all left an impact on me, and through that, on my way of thinking and writing.

Some dialogues came from real chit chats I had in my life, or from a certain event at the dinner table. Talking to luxury timepieces customers requires being able to know what you should say and when to say it. I spun all that and polished them to adjust them to my characters, and then, came the process of making them related to readers.
The methods I used for shaping my characters is adding flaws, and I let my characters think by them selves too, that is done by imagining a person in my life or even an actor, thinking to my self ‘What would he/she would do in this situation?… What would that person say or be thinking at that moment?’
Having the characters, their own dialogue, their flaws… all that will eventually lead to having my own world, you either draw it or write about it… my family have already been blessed with a great painter… so I grew toward the latter’s way of creation… Plus, when it comes to painting, I’m almost color blind.


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