I wanted diversity, in a place I can imagine scenes for my story to take place in them; ‘Emirates’ was the perfect candidate.

I have spent great years in there, I discovered my talent in creating stories for starters, but mostly, I gained inspiration. I knew the locations and they were compatible with what I needed for my story.

And of course, I had a location in which I can create characters from different countries and even different backgrounds, seeing how Emirates are housing at least 202 nationalities in the labour market alone… this made things even easier for me. It can be related to the first thing I have mentioned in the beginning of my novel…

‘Good and Evil has no passport; it wears many skins, speaks in different tongues, and exists everywhere, even in the same person’

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  1. lostpedian · April 12, 2012

    Great scope you r having , an intelgent way of give a little bit of Teaser of what we will have in the book.
    I notice something , are u thinking of making this character & the story later on as a comic book?
    ’cause it will be create to get this character on comic point of view , not superhero classic type , but far more drama, blooded , gored & darked comics.
    I believe this is a great character you invented here cannot wait to see it in the book in the ACTION !!

    Best Regards ,

    Ahmad Al- Amri – Unemployed Directer ^_^

  2. lostpedian · April 12, 2012

    Great way to establish a connection between the reader and the enviroments of the fundementals of the character & story arc, thats just awesome.
    I believe the character – maybe you already thinking about- is more enjoylable to have it later on to be sketched & inserted in a comic book series , not usual superhero type, but another darked, blooded , gored theme.
    This can give more characters evolvment in many dimensions & aspects ,
    think as a side story or a spin off.,
    it will be fantastic!

    Best Regards,

    Yours ( thats what she said ^_^)
    Ahmad Al-Amri

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