Good and evil

After my interview with Clinch magazine, the interviewer asked me a question, she said ‘You wanted diversity in your novel… I saw that when you included villains from different places and backgrounds… but aren’t you afraid that someone may be offended?’

I told her ‘I have included good guys from more than one place too, mostly from the same places the bad people are from… but I get your point, some times we can’t avoid what people are thinking as they go through any book, you may get racism from a children’s book if your mind allowed that, and the only way to understand otherwise is by talking to the author like you did, and you are the first person to mention that to me’ she laughed at my last remark as I gave her the pirate eye.

‘ But as you know, I wrote something in the beginning of the novel for the readers, right before the dedication, so they can understand through the fictional story a true fact’

So I wanted to share this fact that I wrote in my novel, and I hope in a way it’ll change your way of thinking about people, and your selves.

‘Good and Evil has no passport; it wears many skins, speaks in different tongues, and exists everywhere, even in the same person’ — (Psychs)


10 thoughts on “Good and evil

  1. The problem of good and evil is it is subjective against a rule book. If the rules vanished would good and evil still exist? If man vanished would good and evil still exist? Is the sun good or evil? Is a blade of grass good or evil?

    • I like what you are saying, it opened my mind to another thought… if they r gone, then nothing is left, maybe their existence is necessary, we just need to try hard to adjust the scale toward the better…
      thanks for stopping by, best of wishes 🙂

  2. Publishers wish to broaden the appeal to as wide as an audience as possible so there may have been some geniune concern from a marketing standpoint.

  3. It really bothers me when people like this interviewer start pointing out pc issues. What is left to write about if we pretend nothing happens in this world. Controversy sells, it is real, it is what we face everyday. We the reader identify with this. We the writer know this. And we have freedom of speech in this country. Supposedly but I feel it less and less all the time. You think quick on your feet.

    • I believe in the freedom of speech, unless if it was offensive, no one has the freedom to offend anyone… that is why my story is not taking place in our time, and it is set in a place where there r ppl from all over the world. And that is what i am trying to show… even though my novel is a fiction thriller, lessons can be learned from everything.
      Thanks for stopping by and for your reply… Best of luck 🙂

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