A tribute to my hero, my brother

Everyone uses a Clay of their lives when they write, I wanted to create a character who everyone will like. So first, that character must be someone that impresses me, I must be the one who likes him before everyone else.

My protagonist is an approximate portrait of my brother, his image reflects in my mind whenever I write or read about my main character, that’s what I use to make my own characters think on their own, like imagining people from my life or a movie or TV star. Like I imagine Josh Holloway as Adam Goldfish, another main character in my novel, and someday, Christopher Lee will be the face of a main fictional character in my novel.

My brother is the star of my show, he used to be very athletic, he’s also a very good driver and a racer, he’s too good with cars you’d think he was breast fed with Schumacher. Unlike me… I once thought Opel was a shirt brand because they sponsored AC Milan FC, and they had their logo on their football shirts.

My older brother had always covered my back, he still does. He’s a character I idolize, and I wanted to make my main character a tribute to him… I gave him his name, and some of his talents. If the readers learned to love my character, they are loving my older brother, the hero of my life, and now, the hero of my fiction thriller

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  1. sakuraandme · May 5, 2013

    Wow…how did I miss this one! What a beautiful post honouring your brother. Your really close to your family like I am. Its a good thing. What else did one miss?? Lol. Hugs Paula. X

    • ahamin · May 6, 2013

      I’m glad you liked my post. Nothing beats family in my book.


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