What my book cover reveals…


This is my book cover… by artist Gida Sameh. She was the one I picked after I talked to her about my book, and after she was able to use her very unique imagination to come up with the idea for the cover.

It represents the transitional phases of my character… Here’s what The cover is trying to say:-

The men in the bottom, middle, and upper left are the same person. The first in the bottom is the time where the truth behind his tragic event of his birth was revealed… it brought him inside an asylum for a while where he, after a brief time with his doctor, learned to love psychiatry.

The second represents one job that he has, he became a psychiatrist, and the knowledge he obtained from that field came in handy with the other job… the one he is aiming a bit higher for.

The third representation on the upper left will be the soldier of fortune he wants to be… for those who read the synopsis in my older posts or my blog, this represent his time in this first book of the series, where he is taking parts in events to gain experience in that field.

That leaves us with the woman in the bottom left… well… I hope one day you will all find out who she is.

Best regards to all avid readers and thriller seekers.

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To create is to have a purpose

That’s how simple it is… everyone is trying to find his/her purpose in life, thinking that they will be happy if they did. Trust me when I tell you this, they are absolutely right. To have a purpose, is like having an assurance that there is a divine plan for you, and it gives your heart the calmness by knowing that you are not life’s byproduct.

Everyone have their own purpose. Learning, working, finding love or getting married… they are necessities, like breathing, and they define our race, nothing more. But a purpose, is something else, its using the very bit of the divine soul that created us all. A purpose is to create, to use that little fragment inside you. Give it shape, give it a sound, let that soul talk, it is the manifestation of your purpose. It wants to write, it wants to draw, it wants to film, it wants to sing… it may wants to do everything, unleash it, let that fragment that created you guide you, it will make you a better person.

I gave shape to my fragment, and thus came a book. I wrote a fiction thriller, and found my self becoming better in my other aspects of life. So please, try to create something in this world, be with purpose, be happy. Let your words enlighten every reader, give them the chill, make them feel romantic, or force them to sit on the edge. Let your drawings capture our hearts, force us to comment, and makes us imagine the story behind its colors and shapes. Let your songs spread joy, sadness, love, or even laughter.

All the best for everyone, may you all give shape to your purpose, and eventually, to your selves.

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What made my new thriller

Every thing in the universe exists because there are certain elements allowing them to fill the space. So what gave shape to my novel… ‘Psychs’?

Any book is made from paper, but it can only earn its existence if it has a soul. The elements that count for in any novel we read, are the elements that gave the book its life… and its purpose. Here are the elements of my fiction thriller, and I hope through that, you will get to know and love the soul of my book.


– The first element

– The second element

– The third element


Have a good read, and I hope one day my novel would find its way to your shelves.


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My book in a new region

    Here’s me with my new thriller. First thought that came to me when I saw this picture was… I have a big nose?? Second thought, well, feeling, was happiness… I took my second step, my third step would be more like a leap… I will be heading to London, where only echoes of my novel from my blog can be heard… and like an echo, it managed to get people curious.

Best of wishes for everyone, and I hope my book would find its way to your shelves one day.

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One day left to releasing Psychs: A fiction thriller


I’m standing on the threshold of releasing my book in another region. I feel so overwhelmed with excitement… with a little hint of fear.

That’s how I always know I’m heading to an interesting journey. I have always thought of it as if I am standing far high on a diving platform, looking down at a swimming pool, feeling all scared and hesitating… but once I leap in, I get this very unique mixture of fear and enjoyment, followed by moments of happiness.

That’s how life is, a platform to leap from, followed by mixed emotions… but in the end, as we get to land on our goals, we feel the joy of the journey.

I wish for everyone out there the courage to leap into their dreams… so they can one day call it a reality. And I hope to be able to share that reality with everyone soon.

Best wishes for all and for all your beloved ones.


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An unexpected support

One routine of mine when I wake up in the morning is checking my messages on the net. One morning, I saw a message from a colleague of mine from my university. I opened it, and found my self overjoyed.


My university announced my book, and I have never felt more happy about having to read about my self from a news letter, it was the best feeling in the world. This will be my most cherished article, for unlike the other ones, I did not expect it.

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A lesson from an odd place… about Love

We learn lessons about life in odd places, if we only pay attention to what we see and hear, and if we are able to relate.

Here’s a lesson I learned from an odd place.


A professor in the Fixed Prosthodontics Department said ‘We can use mechanical principles to build up a tooth or esthetic principles… if you we choose one of them, we’ll realize that we have accomplished the other, as the natural shape of a tooth has the best mechanical properties’

How would someone extract a lesson about life from that?… I’ll relate it to one thing, the ones who have it can realize it… its love, with all its faces.

The love of a supporting family, the love of a close friend, the love of that special someone, it gets us off our beds, smiling, as we work our way through our long ongoing journey. Having it, strengthening it, working towards it will strengthen us in our other aspects of life. You succeed in love, you succeed in life… one accomplishes the other.

The one who loves me is smiling as he/she is reading this… the ones who have someone they love are thinking about them, and for the very few or unaware, we say to them. ‘Its out there, and it wants the best for you and for all of your beloved ones’



I chose Love as an example because I’m feeling blessed by it as I write. I hope everyone cherish those who we are blessed to be with, for my passion of becoming an author came from the passion of those who made me become their world.