What my book cover reveals…


This is my book cover… by artist Gida Sameh. She was the one I picked after I talked to her about my book, and after she was able to use her very unique imagination to come up with the idea for the cover.

It represents the transitional phases of my character… Here’s what The cover is trying to say:-

The men in the bottom, middle, and upper left are the same person. The first in the bottom is the time where the truth behind his tragic event of his birth was revealed… it brought him inside an asylum for a while where he, after a brief time with his doctor, learned to love psychiatry.

The second represents one job that he has, he became a psychiatrist, and the knowledge he obtained from that field came in handy with the other job… the one he is aiming a bit higher for.

The third representation on the upper left will be the soldier of fortune he wants to be… for those who read the synopsis in my older posts or my blog, this represent his time in this first book of the series, where he is taking parts in events to gain experience in that field.

That leaves us with the woman in the bottom left… well… I hope one day you will all find out who she is.

Best regards to all avid readers and thriller seekers.

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  1. LexoKat · May 31, 2012

    How’s everything going? I hope you’re fine. Thanks for regularly visiting my blog. It means a lot! I am planning on checking out your book some time. Most probably after this summer! God bless!

    • ahamin · May 31, 2012

      Oh thank you very much! Its my pleasure. I know how it feels to be living abroad… it gets tough… but its still an adventure, and an inspiration.
      My book will be released in a new bookstore at Avenues in a couple of days… they ordered a large quantity too, which is a good omen for me. If you ever get to hang with your friends or your boyfriend, be sure to check That al Salasel bookstore… best regards, and Enjoy your coming summer 🙂

      • LexoKat · June 1, 2012

        I will try my best! Thanks and enjoy your summer too! 🙂

  2. Story Addict · May 31, 2012

    I love it! It looks perfect for a psychological thriller. By the way, you said it was coming out some time ago, but I haven’t seen a link to it for sale around. Is there a place poeple can get it?

    • ahamin · May 31, 2012

      Three bookstores only… Two in Kuwait, and one in Egypt.
      My senior year left me with little time, so I chose two places where I can manage it for now, But it will be on amazon this summer once I’m free. I’ll keep you posted.
      Thanks for stepping by.

  3. jkvegh · June 1, 2012

    I love the idea of having an artist do a cover for you based on the concept of the book, the phases of the character. I don’t know if this has been done before. I used Istock photo images which is hard because you have to find a photo that best represents what you are trying to say in the book. This isn’t easy when many of Istock photos look like models not real life. I wish I had the means to find an artist who could do images for me. It is such a great idea! However, I must say the photo alone did not draw me into the book. I thought it was something weird like sci-fi or zombie or other. Then when I read the blog post, I saw another book entirely.

    • ahamin · June 1, 2012

      It is actually designed in a way to give a psychological hint since my character is a psychiatrist.
      The reason why I was able to get a good artist was because I am a senior in my university… I have access to any information which helped with my book, Arts and design faculty has many promising artists. They were really glad to help since they knew me from my articles.
      My first book is a fiction thriller, so is my second to come… third one is an inspirational book based on true events occurred in South Africa in 1928… I started with fiction thriller because there are many inspirational and romance ideas out there, so I must create something no one can think of at first.

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  5. sakuraandme · May 5, 2013

    Hi Amin. Did you have 2 different covers designed?
    Hugs Paula. X

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