The weight we carry pushes us forward

‘We take our lives one step at a time, laying the pavement before each step’

This figure of speech, of how life goes, is overwhelmingly close to describe our days, as it represent how it can be a labor to live a normal life… let alone to try and accomplish in it.

We ask every day how can we proceed when we carry our own obligations; our families, our educations, our work…. our dreams. The more we introduce, the more hindrance we think we produced to our ongoing lives that we come to think that it came into a halt.

Our complicated lives makes it hard to pin point our true answer, because it is simple… We use our baggage.

I can only use my self as an example, so I hope people can relate.

Once a dropout of college, ex-engaged, who had never read a novel in his entire life. I had a lot of baggage that only keeps adding up. It is in the darkest hours that the light can be more prominent. I added to my baggage education once again, and the thought of writing came after I shared a couple of my ideas. My weight helped me in my ideas, using a clay of my own life in my novels proved to be useful, studying took time and energy, which I applied eventually on my book, I placed some of my medical knowledge I obtained and asked for from my professors. And the fact that I am in a university gave me access to a lot of information, where I could ask about mass communication, business, medicine, pharmacy… and the list goes on. Every time something is added to me, I try to see the good side, and how can it inspire me for my dreams.

So here I am… a published author, still walking when I really want to do is run. But I have to take it one step at a time… with my novels, my studies, and with my new love, who shares my dreams and hopes for our future.


Allow what you call weight the chance to inspire… let them speak to you, help you, and carry you onward, never give yourself the chance to stop. If you are a dreamer, then be sure everything that happens is happening for you.




  1. wordstalksquotes · June 3, 2012

    Great quote in your title. I got immediately struck by it, even though I am not entirely sure what it means, what you mean with it. I had this association with the famous Sysiphus myth (and Camus’ story about it). Not sure whether you know it?

    • ahamin · June 3, 2012

      I’m not familiar with that myth… although I am interested.
      I wrote that sentence to describe how we lie our path before we proceed… we need to accomplish, to proceed, that’s how we build the right way to our path… I am still building it one pavement at a time, taking my time, not moving fast so I won’t get astray… I hope every one does that in his life… thanks for your comment.
      Best regards

  2. sakuraandme · December 11, 2012

    Walking is good! your less likely to fall and injure yourself. Good things come to those that work hard and follow their dreams.It’s so easy to give up and settle for less, but why? when you can have everything… just by being patient! So you have a new love? That’s wonderful and sounds romantic! I never thought of myself as a romantic, maybe I’m changing! …..Paula x

    • ahamin · December 13, 2012

      Thanks! I think there’s a romantic in us all, and I think this post had brought it out in you 🙂

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