You need a book to write a book

I spent 6 hours today in here… best use of my time…




You can write all day and it won’t make a difference, if you don’t have the knowledge, your book will stand with no solid foundation, it will eventually crumbles, and what could have been the best work of literature, will be forever lost.

Today I collected data about ancient myths, about geology, about history of the location of my story, and the social status at the time. I want to take the readers into another place, another era, where they can learn, experience, and feel the story as they progress with the plot. I my self enjoy googling or using Wikipedia to check up on a specific myth or a historical figure I encounter in fiction novels. It adds more value to the story.

Also, in an osmosis way, you can feel yourself getting smarter by absorbing the aura around you.


Engineering and Physical Geology… good recipe for creating a natural disaster


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