An ongoing war between men and time

Like the great Charlie Chaplin said ‘My only enemy is time

Time passes, we become a bit closer to that age where the zero is in the right again, and the decade next to the zero changes, realizing at the same time that the list of accomplishments could get shorter. Time is gaining on me, and that’s why I was trying to work harder than ever to fight it off.

It is an unfair fight, for time does not rest. I am looking at the counter, and for the first time in my life I feel that way.

I sat, never alone because I’m always with my thoughts, then I realize that the best way is to be diplomatic about it. There is no winning in a war with time, so we try to live in harmony with it, try to balance our relationship. Here’s a strange concept I always think and act about… ‘we should give time for time to pass by’. I often say that we should allow the subconscious to form its ideas and solutions, because the best thoughts originate from the subconscious, since our conscious is always busy with our reality. Our reality grows a bit more with our age, we get to forget to enjoy life and let our minds take control instead of us trying to control it.

Here I think like an old man, even though I know I’m young… maybe I’m just afraid. But isn’t that how life is? A jump to the pool, where we hesitate, jump, and eventually realize how much fun it is?

Let us move forward… with time, and not against it…

On a side note, I can’t wait to that age where I’ll be having some grey or white hair dispersed in what’s mostly dark hair… I think that’s when I’ll get all the ladies.



  1. robincoyle · July 6, 2012

    I bet you get plenty of ladies without a sprinkling of grey. Don’t wish for something that happens too quickly on its own!

    • ahamin · July 6, 2012

      Ha Ha… thanks for the complement.
      I won’t wish it anymore, I’ll let it happen instead.

  2. Besma at Life Demiraged · July 6, 2012

    So true. We’re always trying to beat time when we’re not even sure what will end up happening tomorrow.

    • ahamin · July 6, 2012

      Tomorrow is inevitable, and yesterday is out of our reach… both we can’t control now… we should stop worrying, and give time for our future, and look forward to it.
      Glad you enjoyed my post.

  3. henriettashippo · July 6, 2012

    I am trying to live in the moment. Take life day by day easier said than done.

    • ahamin · July 6, 2012

      Sometimes, we need to let time live our day, give it some space, its not a must to do something every day.
      I believe that fun loses its taste if its on the menu everyday… we need to stop sometimes and do what we neglect to do… for life is moments, and we can’t just pick only one.
      Glad you stepped by.

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