Everything is permitted, when we are creative… Part 2


Your world is your tools…





How flexible is your imagination?… stretch it and find out…

Part 1



  1. sinithwar · July 9, 2012

    All I have in reply is wow.

    • ahamin · July 9, 2012

      wow says alot… glad you liked it, hope it’ll inspire you to stretch your imagination and to give it shape. 🙂

      • sinithwar · July 9, 2012

        Good friend in artistic arms
        I write the impossible
        Everything is fuel 😉

      • ahamin · July 9, 2012

        Can be described better, our world is our muse…

      • sinithwar · July 9, 2012

        I see that comments do no allow for I remember this lol

      • ahamin · July 9, 2012

        HA HA… sorry… I meant can’t be described better…

      • sinithwar · July 9, 2012

        lol silly grammatical errors gettin in the way of communication… wait lol let me blog about this! roflmao

      • ahamin · July 9, 2012

        HA HA!!
        Well I’m glad my error was good for something.

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