A holy month…

A month where I feel like in another dimension… all the people change around me, like being in a fairy tale

Ramadan… A month of discipline, faith, and worship… a time where we cleanse our minds, bodies, and souls.

This is a month I desire, for it is marked as holy for many reasons, the ones I’m sharing are the ones I see with my own eyes, and feel in my heart.

It becomes holy by the people around, everyone change in this time of the year, because its the month where everyone should behave, and tries to better him/her self. I see beloved ones stop smoking, drinking, and trying to tame their tongues, people show kindness to one another, only good deed is permitted, and everyone tries to maintain them selves more than any time of the year, for one month, for only a month, because no one can go on for the rest of their lives, we were created weak, so we can better our selves.

People who don’t share the faith share their congratulations, they show the kind gesture of supporting us by refraining from food in our presence. We get to invite them to share with us the magic created by the women in the kitchen, and we share the good times afterwards, where we get to unbutton our trousers and sit to see the many shows dedicated for our time of the month, mostly funny stuff.

We fast, a form of discipline,  where we have nothing until the time where the sun sets. And then, family and beloved ones sit around, to eat, appreciating the manna of the food and drink. I love how women of our house hold excel in the kitchen (though I think its because they are driven by hunger).

This month is the only real magic I witnessed though my whole life. Seeing how people change, and how our families become closer, I feel like passing the threshold into another dimension, where people are kinder, and families and beloved ones are closer.

I wish every one a happy Ramadan, a month that becomes holy by the people, may it be a month where experiences are gained, of life and faith.



11 thoughts on “A holy month…

  1. Wishing you a joyful Ramadan, i have worked with several people who have celebrated it over the years and am always amazed by the self control they have possessed I know for one that there is no way I could crawl out of bed before dawn to eat then wait until sunset for my next coffee

    • Thanks for your kind wishes Paula. Not everyone of us has that self control, some goes around it, by staying the whole night and eat before dawn, then they go to sleep the whole day until the sunset.
      Have a wonderful day, and thanks again for your lovely wish

  2. It certainly is an amazing thing! I lack the self-control since I’m already eating tons of fruit and drinking water like I’ve never had water before. xD
    Goodluck and I wish you all the best. (:

      • A gunman went into a movie theater at the opening of Batman and opened fire killing at least 12 and injuring dozens others. The youngest victim was 3-months-old.

      • I’m sorry to hear that… may they rest in peace.
        My post was just my way to describe how the world changes around me, in this particular month… like christmas, or hanukkah, a time where all the people do the same and everything changes, but we can’t deny the fact that death happens without anticipation.

        By the way, why was a 3-months-old kid in the theater?

  3. Ahamin, thank you for sharing the spiritual aspects of Ramadan with us. I like your focus on the way fasting and the self-control needed brings changes in people.

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