He showed us that the skies are no longer our limits

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” – Neil Armstrong (Photo credit: NASA)

One great man produced by our world had left us. A man who showed us that our sky is no longer our limits, our dreams can be a reality, our nations can be united by a single event, and our journey, like any other, has an ending. He is now where he really belongs, with the stars out   there.

Rest in peace, may your star shin on others who will show us how we can make facts from fantasy.


Writing… my way to give shape to my persona

In this new post, I want to share how I started writing? What it represents to me? How  it changed my other aspects of life?

‘No matter who you are, it’s not always who you’ll become’

I was not a reader as a kid, nor was I at my early adult life, other than what my school throws at me, I picked nothing to read. I didn’t know the luxury of reading, not so many did where I’m from. Fun meant having your clothes dirty at the end of the day. I even quit my piano lessons to have more time playing soccer, basketball, or anything that has running in it. Just when I became isolated from that world, I saw a book by chance, the cover read ‘Don’t read it alone at home’. I started reading ever since, a lot, not realizing that I am conditioning the fragment of the art’s soul lying within.I was subconsciously learning what it takes to be at THAT league, the league where great writers exist in.

I started to write when I shared my ideas to a group of students I met, they wanted to make a movie about paranormal events happening at the hostel. When I saw how my ideas made them excited to do their movie, I realized that I had the potential. Collecting thoughts was the second thing to follow. I shared one with my dear friend, he called me later, asking about the movie I was talking about, thinking that my idea for my book was a movie. My thanks to him, he encouraged me to sit down and write.

Sitting down was easy, writing was the first bump I encountered. That’s when I became aware of how much my reading had helped. The moment I started to press the keyboards, the words flew smoothly out of my head, and through my fingers.

‘Art is a single soul divided to all’

I realize that we are all jigsaw pieces of the greatest picture ever created, we differ from each other in the way we represent our persona, our other selves lying dormant within. Everyone have their own purpose. Learning, working, finding love or getting married… they are necessities, like breathing, and they define our race, nothing more. But a purpose, is something else, its using the very bit of the divine soul that created us all. We get an euphoric feeling when we create, so if there’s a way to feel that you are doing the right thing, it would be through that, and that’s what writing to me.

‘When you do something that requires growing as you go along, everything in you grows with it’

The more I write and read, the faster, better, and clearer my brain becomes. You can learn a lot from using your imagination, in creating something, or in imagining characters and events too. You become creative in your other aspects of life, and of course, doing well in something will give more space for our self esteem to fill.


They are killing me…

I talked before about me having an extra vacation before (A vacation within a vacation) , with my family, to meet yet another family, more family. More kids… and my god how cute they are, I can’t get mad at them, even though they did what I am about to share.

Yesterday, I woke up early, like always, the teens were sleeping, while the ones aged from 3-11 were awake, so they were all like ‘Please uncle… we want to go to the pool, pleeeeeeeaaase’. I couldn’t resist the puppy eyes, so I agreed, I do like swimming after all, I was a swim champ, I can handle 6 kids in the pool.

I know what you all are thinking… SIX!!! I know, those puppy eyes made me forget how math works, six in the pool was too damn a lot for half human half fish, let alone an uncle who just woke up and haven’t been in a swimming pool ever since Sadam was caught. And (me laughing right now), for some reason, they all neglected to tell me that they all can’t swim until we were in the water, in a pool with no shallow end, well… no shallow end for them at least, I was on my feet the entire time. I swear, they looked like rock climbing, not swimming, they were holding the pool’s edge.

Kids are intelligent beings, humanity will have no chance if they decided to turn against us. They all came up with this idea, to indirectly kill me. One by one, they decided to push them selves away from the edge, and say ‘Help me!’. So I went to the first one, held her, and brought her back to the edge, telling her ‘Don’t do that, its dangerous’ only to hear ‘Help me!’ again behind me. So that’s what they did, I felt like a ping pong ball. I was telling them to quit, they, for some reason, started to push at a faster rate. Reverse psychology was a waste of my grey cells. A thought sparkled, ‘Maybe they can swim??’ So when one pushed, I just looked at him… even though I didn’t find out whether he swims or not, I couldn’t bear to learn the latter, my body moved.

I found out in the end that they were good kids after all… no they didn’t decide to finish me off and give me mercy if that’s what you are thinking. They saw how tired I got and they decided to go back inside.

I woke up today, puppy eyes were all over, they wanted to go there again. I have only one thing to say… Thank god for Disney Chanel. They are all sedated in front of the TV.



P.S.: Couldn’t share pictures because I forgot my digital camera’s USB connector. Will do hopefully next week.

‘Psychs’ e-book reveal

I have mentioned my novel so many times before, bits and pieces of it. Now is the time to represent it in a new, more flashy way, as promised before.

Here’s a video where you will get to know more about my novel, and maybe about me too.

A vacation within a vacation

We as human beings, not perfect but limitless, are bound to have that certain period where we get to shy away from our daily routine. I am at the moment describing myself.

I have been staying with my family for three weeks now, not sure what technology they are using, but they suddenly got multiplied. I am seeing lots of kids now, from my sister’s and my brothers families, and all of them want to spend time with the new uncle they are seeing, all the other uncles and aunts made a run for it, making me absorb lots of Kids dosage.

They are coming in different sizes, oldest is 15, youngest, a baby girl, will soon be 1 year old, who always stares at me for some reason. So I have been taking some of them out, either to play basketball or ping pong, or just baby sit and watch Disney movies for the millionth time. The only reason why I’m not mad and feeling the need to burst, is because they all love me, they run at me at first site, my 1 and a half year old nephew crawls as fast as he could when he gets a glimpse of me, calling me JIDO as he gets closer (Which means grandpa… I know, for some reason, he calls me grandpa), the ones in the middle, 2-8 years old huddle around me as we watch something, or play Au-no.

And soon, tomorrow to be exact, we will be traveling together, to Qatar, where our families will get even bigger… Oh Oh…

So I’m having a vacation within a vacation, hope to share pictures soon with you all.

Us wall climbing

It’s a matter of time now…

My book is in the process of taking a different form now, an unphysical one. ‘Psychs‘ is on its way to Amazon’s Kindle, B&N’s Nook, i-store, and many other on-line e-book sellers out there in the digital world. So hopefully in the coming weeks, I will be able to share my fiction thriller with more avid readers out there, it is only a matter of time now.

My publishers asked me to add links to my widget, which they provided for me, like facebook page, Twitter, blog… and if I can, a youtube video. Just finished with the last one, filming, not uploading though. It is being edited by my very close and dear friend, who’s a wonder when it comes to these kind of things (I see a good future for him, but only if he decides to pursue it).

So stay tune for a short preview of my novel, hopefully it will be during this week, and maybe one day, I will show you the bloopers.

Life: The adventure

When do we get to call our lives an adventure?

When do we have that story to tell?

What defines the kind of person you are?

These questions will trigger within us a way to reach that certain memory, through the feelings we get from a certain event, where we got to be excited, where we felt passion, fear, or/and happiness.

That is what our subconscious define as an adventure. It’s like standing far away on top of a diving platform, looking down at a swimming pool, feeling all scared and hesitating… But once you leap, you get this very unique mixture of fear and enjoyment, followed by moments of happiness.

That’s how life should be, a platform to leap from, with mixture of emotions through our paths, and in the end, we get to land on our goals, and feel the joy of our journey, whether it is going high up for a parachute jump, or going down on one knee for that special someone, both are leaps toward an adventure.

So be happy, and pursue that something, or someone to leap to, or to leap away from, for sometimes, you need to start a new adventure, a new life. Have faith, and realize that you can have many lives in this so called one life, many lives, and many adventures.

Elements of my novel ‘Psychs’… Part 3

Two elements have been discussed before this new piece of my mind, the first was Characters, the second element was Time.

Here’s a new element of ‘Psychs‘, and its a crucial one… Location.

One of the novel’s location.
Picture taken at Dubai Marina, Emirates.


I wanted diversity, in a place I can imagine scenes for my story to take place in them; ‘Emirates’ was the perfect candidate.

I have spent great years in there, I discovered my talent in creating stories for starters, but mostly, I gained inspiration. I knew the locations, and they were compatible with what I needed for my story.

And of course, I had a location in which I can create characters from different countries and even different backgrounds, seeing how Emirates are housing at least 202 nationalities in the labour market alone… this made things even easier for me. It can be related to the first thing I have mentioned in the beginning of my novel…

‘Good and Evil has no passport; it wears many skins, speaks in different tongues, and exists everywhere, even in the same person’

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Music, a universal language

I didn’t understand what this song’s lyrics meant when I first heard it, but I was able to absorb a vibe in an osmosis way, and for some reason, I transformed into that happy person, where the world seems beautiful, unlike a moment ago.

Music has a way in speaking with us all, it communicates and connects emotions with the world around us. You can simply have the time of your life, even when you are all alone, by just placing your favorite song, and you’ll get to have a gateway to another dimension. As a writer, I found best of my ideas when I spend sometime listening to music, because that’s when I get lost, my conscious becomes quiet, and I get to hear my subconscious narrating tales for me. Best of our ideas originate from our subconscious, because our consciousness is too busy with our reality. I have placed this song to share it with everyone. Loving and beautiful emotions are always worth to be shared.

Enjoy my gift to you all, whether you are hearing it for the first time or you have heard it before.



My over weight brother went to surgery

As you can see, he’s OK about it

My young brother, who is also the closest being in existence to me, did a Gastric By-Pass. Seriously, we’re too close we’re practically married and still going on our honey moon. Don’t be fool though by his humor and looks (cough cough weight), he’s the smartest person I know too… seriously, I should be his pet. He just took his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering (the only one who graduated with honor if I may add), and I could never be more proud.

His weight though was always a problem, and I don’t blame him, the food here is heaven. But it affected his back too much that the only way to lose weight is by going through this procedure.

I can’t resist not messing with him… he’s already on pain killers so…

I was so scared for him that I was too nervous during the procedure, and when the doctor came and told us it went well, I cried. I really love him, the idea of him being on an operating table really scared me. But he’s out, and I think his sense of humor multiplied, I think the pain killer is still in his system. I hope he’ll get well soon, poor guy, only water and juice for his diet, so I’ll give him some time before I go back and start messing with him… After all, I’m his older brother, its in my job description.