How stupid hackers and con artists think I am?

You’d think with new and better technologies hackers will get more creative with what they have… wrong!

I received this through my e-mail, I hope it will make you smile. It took me half an hour to regain control of my laughing body and type this post.

Dear Sir/Madam,
My apology as I am contacting you through email; it is because it serves as the fastest and more convenient way to get to you, I am James Francis from Florida USA I was the personal account officer of late Libyan Leader Omar Muammar al Gaddafi for 25year, before his dead last year 2011 he ask me to transfer a very huge amount of money about $20m (Twenty Million US Dollars) to a Commercial Bank in Malaysia (Chase Bank) for a twenty five story’s building he wanted to buy in SARAWAK MALAYSIA without a beneficiary name because of the nature of his country, since after his death no one has come for the claim of the money due to the fact that there was no beneficiary to the fund.
Now the Bank (Chase Bank) is asking me to present the beneficiary of the money that they need to transfer the money back to the owner since the account is dormant for a long time now. After going through your profile and that of your company I believe you are the right person for this job since your company’s business correlates with a kind of business I would like to invest with your company when the fund is finally transferred.
But right now my healthy condition and security in my country I can’t transfer this fund to my personal account rather I want you to assist me to receive this fund” If you would assist me with this I will compensate you with 30% of the total sum and at the same time invest my own share money in your company’s business. More details will be sending to you when I receive your interest response regarding my email letter.
You are free to call me for more information.
I love how he said that through my profile he believes that I’m the right person for this job.
I hope you enjoyed this, it really cracked my up.

‘A. H. Amin, huh? Looks like an easy one…



  1. Uma · August 8, 2012

    ROFL =)) .. thanks alot for sharing.. it cracked me up!

    • ahamin · August 8, 2012

      Glad you liked it, it was really funny :), I couldn’t stop laughing the first time I read it.

  2. sakuraandme · December 17, 2012

    Okay, I know I said I’m turning the PC off…I couldn’t resist reading more!
    Me bad! *smiling* How crazy and ridiculous are these people? Do you feel like a coffee? Cool. here you are! do you like it? *laughing* Chow x

    • ahamin · December 17, 2012

      You know I love it when you read what I write 😉
      It means a ton for me that you are enjoying my blog. Thanks, Paula!

      • sakuraandme · December 18, 2012

        Your welcome! Taking a bow!! *laughing* Hugs to you:):) x

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