Elements of my novel ‘Psychs’… Part 2

I posted the first element of ‘Psychs‘ yesterday, a fiction thriller which is available on Amazon’s Kindle, B&N’s Nook, i-store and other e-book sellers. And now, I’ll introduce the second main element  which made my thriller, Time.


The main events of my thriller takes place 10 years from now, but it’s not a futuristic sci/fi novel. So why did I jump forward?

Well… I always try to provide as much spaces as I can for the readers to fill in the blanks, everyone has their own beliefs of the situations and of the people that are around us, so the reader may think subconsciously ‘That can’t happen here, not in these times’. And that’s why I created another time, vague to the readers, yet familiar at the same time (location wise), so my story can seep into the mind without so many check points.

Lots of things can happen within ten years. Creating fictional locations within real ones was another reason why I went forward in time… and of course, there are the events too; I can easily add fictional events from my own in this new time period I created to run smoothly with the plot of my story.

Time was a main element in my story; it was the synergist to boost the story’s plot

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