Music, a universal language

I didn’t understand what this song’s lyrics meant when I first heard it, but I was able to absorb a vibe in an osmosis way, and for some reason, I transformed into that happy person, where the world seems beautiful, unlike a moment ago.

Music has a way in speaking with us all, it communicates and connects emotions with the world around us. You can simply have the time of your life, even when you are all alone, by just placing your favorite song, and you’ll get to have a gateway to another dimension. As a writer, I found best of my ideas when I spend sometime listening to music, because that’s when I get lost, my conscious becomes quiet, and I get to hear my subconscious narrating tales for me. Best of our ideas originate from our subconscious, because our consciousness is too busy with our reality. I have placed this song to share it with everyone. Loving and beautiful emotions are always worth to be shared.

Enjoy my gift to you all, whether you are hearing it for the first time or you have heard it before.




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