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Just had the honor of being the spotlight at BOOKS & TALES. You can discover what my novel is about, you’ll learn about my philosophy in writing and also what’s my favorite food is.

Here’s my interview with the Kind Annette Gisby: Author Interview: A H Amin

Here’s also a Book Spotlight which was published earlier: Book Spotlight: Psychs by A H Amin


A heart piercing poem, written by my second cousin

kill all the animals cut off the wood
why live in a world that no longer good
standing in the rain watching people who pass
leaving their marks on asphalt or grass
there I stood searching for a face
I stood and stared but still no trace
who am I looking for over here and there
is it a world that fade in darkness and despair
and left none but aimlessness and fair
or is it me who I’m looking for
a soul which left earth and went up to sour
leaving the dark world and flying to the sky
cause there isn’t any tears, no why would we cry
we don’t need a sword we don’t need the pain
all we need is a beautiful view and a brush and paint
that’s the world we all dream and hope
and then come back and throw them in a dump
for we know no matter how we tried
there is a strong long rope that keep us tied
to all the traditions that should be forgotten
but that’s how we live and that’s what’s written
should I be a rebel? no, I don’t dare
to live like a bee where honored or a dear
yet even those still have to scare
for there’ll always be a lizard or bear
even the rose can’t live free
she’ll always be under the shadow of a tree
It’ll always be this way and some day we’ll choose
between leaving this behind or stay right here and lose

My second cousin (First cousin once removed technically) wrote this amazing poem three years ago. It seemed only like yesterday she was that little kid who I used to tell adventure stories to. She contacted me on facebook recently, telling me how much she enjoyed it when I get carried away while doing a fight scenes to her and the other young ones.

She recently got accepted in Med. school where she lives right now, in Iraq. This poem she shared with me today made me realize how much I have been neglectful. Once my vacation comes I’ll pay them a visit, it has been seven years since I last went there, I only went last month to attend my grandmother’s funeral. Next time I’ll be there for them and also, hopefully, I’ll be able to get my hands on more of her great works.

The One lovely blog award…

My sincere appreciation to my fellow blogger who nominated me for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’, he’s an adventurer, a poet and a kind man. Introduce yourselves to him through his blog – A Pirate’s Haven – his hospitality has no boundaries.


The One Lovely Blog Rules of Acceptance

Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself.
Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.
Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them.

– Seven things you may not know – and maybe shocked by – about me:-

1- I was engaged once, but fate’s currents were too strong for me to hold on.

2- If I feel happy all the time I would think that I’m doing something wrong.

3- When I was a kid, they used to call me Casper… I’m friendly with a big head.

4- (You may hate me for this one) My darkest fantasy: Whenever I see a kid just learned how to clumsily walk, wearing a big diaper and a squeaky shoes I feel the urge to kick him.

5- If you bash my head, classical movies come out.

6- Football (the other football my American readers) is my passion.

7- I keep a box of memories of things I obtained and got for the first time, like the bill of my first cellphone and the picture of my first love… can you imagine what else I have in there?


My nominations and heart goes to my fellow bloggers, who through their writing, images, worlds and kindness have touched me:-

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Fragile, rigid, Resilient… my transformation story

Every action has a reaction, the latter changes with our progress. I believe individual’s reactions vary from one previous age to another, originating from no experience or the opposite. The memories of my own life is being correlated to events I’m witnessing with many young and old passengers of our lives. It made me think how I used to be, what I became, how I am right now and what one can become later in life.

We experience the world for the first time, on our first exposure we find ourselves vulnerable, if we lose love, if we lose friends, if we didn’t get what we worked so hard for we breakdown, slowly gluing ourselves back. We were once fragile, we break when our imaginary world collides with the real world, an action that has one of the worse results, it manipulates our world, changing it into another world, suited for someone else, someone I became later.

I welcomed myself to the new world, where things are easier, less attachments will lead to more growth, no more friends who argue with what you say and make you feel less, no more addition to my responsibility list. ‘It’ll reduce the weight, my life will move faster’. I shield my heart from all that can penetrate it with a hard, rigid crust. ‘I am invincible, bulletproof, rigid’. That was the result of my previous collision… an altered universe and an altered mind.

Everything in the world has limits, a yield strength. The shield may have succeeded in preventing external influences, but not the internal ones. The loneliness, the sense of under accomplishment, the illusion that you have no reaction to any action was all building inside the heart, all it takes is time to find out that your shield began to crack, and before you know it, it breaks, you are fragile again. There is no permanent shell, and you stop instead of moving, trying to know what is the real world.

     If wasn’t for what my father had said four years ago, I don’t think I would have become what I am right now. He told me:-

     ‘Life is a very strong current, if you go against it it’ll break you, always keep moving’

I opened my heart for the world, in all its kindness and cruelty. I have accepted it and in return it accepted me. When a door shuts, I don’t shy away, I knock and wait. Every chance must be seized, and every loss will be compensated in the end, and if not, well… that’s life, we bounce to another door, many have been created around us, we keep knocking and exploring, exploring opportunities, friendships, love… we experience life. And the best way to function in it is by becoming resilient.

Links to where ‘Psychs’ can be obtained.


The digital world is a rapid growing entity, so it was only a matter of time before my novel becomes engulfed by that world.

Here are the links for the most popular E-Books sites where you can pinpoint my fiction thriller ‘Psychs‘ …:-

























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Old, new and future brother

I have posted long ago about my brother who went under surgery, Gastric By-Pass to be exact. His overweight did problems to his back, he still uses a crutches to walk. Here’s our progress.

Old brother



New young brother


Future young brother

Hopefully we’ll see Future brother soon and with no crutches.

First of last

Today was my first day in my last term of my senior year… yep, soon I’ll be a writer slash dentist slash Yoga master (Yes… I’m learning Yoga now… I do things like that, learn stuff to say I know them). I found out today that they were saving the best for last… I feel like I need to split my self to be able to accomplish my term’s requirements… Hence the Yoga thing.

They Are asking me to do 40-60 fillings, 4 bridges, 2 posts, 8 root canals, 5 types of dentures, and 40 tooth polishing. All that within 3 and a half month. But wait, that’s not all… we are more than a thousand dentists who are roaming inside what will be known later as an asylum instead of clinics. You think that’s it don’t you… well guess again. I have the worst laboratory in my university, which forces me to seek one outside.

It is as if they really like me a lot that they want me to stay for another year… well sorry to disappoint you all but I don’t plan on sticking around for too long. I may not get straight A’s this term, but I’ll break through, me and my colleagues came a long way to accomplish that.

I’ll try sharing things from my second life in the near future, but now I’ll go and see if I can hit nirvana before I go to sleep.


Clinics building… when I look at it I think ‘Where it all begins… is where it shall end’