A heart piercing poem, written by my second cousin

kill all the animals cut off the wood
why live in a world that no longer good
standing in the rain watching people who pass
leaving their marks on asphalt or grass
there I stood searching for a face
I stood and stared but still no trace
who am I looking for over here and there
is it a world that fade in darkness and despair
and left none but aimlessness and fair
or is it me who I’m looking for
a soul which left earth and went up to sour
leaving the dark world and flying to the sky
cause there isn’t any tears, no why would we cry
we don’t need a sword we don’t need the pain
all we need is a beautiful view and a brush and paint
that’s the world we all dream and hope
and then come back and throw them in a dump
for we know no matter how we tried
there is a strong long rope that keep us tied
to all the traditions that should be forgotten
but that’s how we live and that’s what’s written
should I be a rebel? no, I don’t dare
to live like a bee where honored or a dear
yet even those still have to scare
for there’ll always be a lizard or bear
even the rose can’t live free
she’ll always be under the shadow of a tree
It’ll always be this way and some day we’ll choose
between leaving this behind or stay right here and lose

My second cousin (First cousin once removed technically) wrote this amazing poem three years ago. It seemed only like yesterday she was that little kid who I used to tell adventure stories to. She contacted me on facebook recently, telling me how much she enjoyed it when I get carried away while doing a fight scenes to her and the other young ones.

She recently got accepted in Med. school where she lives right now, in Iraq. This poem she shared with me today made me realize how much I have been neglectful. Once my vacation comes I’ll pay them a visit, it has been seven years since I last went there, I only went last month to attend my grandmother’s funeral. Next time I’ll be there for them and also, hopefully, I’ll be able to get my hands on more of her great works.



  1. The White Pumpkin · September 29, 2012

    thank you for sharing..

    • ahamin · September 30, 2012

      You’re welcome. 🙂

  2. sakuraandme · January 5, 2013

    Wow! How did I miss this post? I love love love this poem and wish I could be free too! Thanks for sharing such a deep and meaningful piece of poetry! Hugs to your cousin! ….Paula x

    • ahamin · January 5, 2013

      She got accepted to medical school, and her sister got accepted to art school in New York.
      I loved the poem, I would never have imagined her to be that good. She’s really awesome.
      Glad you liked it 😉

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