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The digital world is a rapid growing entity, so it was only a matter of time before my novel becomes engulfed by that world.

Here are the links for the most popular E-Books sites where you can pinpoint my fiction thriller ‘Psychs‘ …:-

























The resonance of 911

Evil was not the first thing that came to my mind when things had started. I was 16 at the time, I saw an accident, an act of god.

Later a different story surfaced, that it was done by those who claim they are doing it in god’s name, using their religion as an excuse, a religion with a book that clearly said ”whoever kills an innocent, it is as if he has killed all mankind; and whoever saves a person, it is as if he has saved all mankind.” A religion where they also had played with the meanings of the words and passed on those meanings for many, like the word ‘Shaheed’ … a thing one must seek… many say that it means martyr, someone who dies for a cause, while the truth is it means knowledge and education.

9/11 is a resonance of a lion, its loud, and one that can’t fade away, and no one expect that to happen. I want to talk to everyone not to say forget… what I want to say is forgive. Forgive those who have no hand, mind or heart of what ever had happened, forgive those whom their only mistake is they were born in another place not familiar to yours, forgive those who have no knowledge of the truth, but the knowledge of the lies their minds are feeding on.

Forgive, for if you believe in god or a higher power, then you know all things will be settled eventually, and the ones who were innocent, guilty, or just in between will have what their deeds will buy for them. And if you do not believe in a higher power… then I beg that you believe in the little one, our children, they see the world through us, let them grow in a much better and open minded environment, one that produces a good person… you may end up saving his or her life, and eventually, the lives of humankind.

‘Psychs’ is a best seller in Kuwait

I took this picture yesterday while I was passing by at Avenues.


Picture take at ‘That Al Salasel Bookstore, Kuwait’

Another at the entrance




It feels great.

Thank you very much to all my fans in Kuwait, you are really amazing. I hope my novel will find its way to avid readers and thrill seekers out there. But for now, Kuwait, and Dorset UK will have enjoy it before all of you.










My grandmother have left our world

I haven’t posted for almost a week because my family had lost a great piece that made us whole, and we needed time to clear our grief and sorrow that filled her place. I can’t think of her without remembering that every time she ‘s around, smiles and laughter were  always keeping here company. She tells the funniest stories ever and she gave everyone around us nicknames. I won’t share mine, it will be between her and me, and maybe someone special who happens to see her picture around.

Her name was Hadya which means gift in my language, she was a priceless one indeed.

May she finds the peace she always wished for us all.


An old picture of her, she looks like a classic Hollywood star