Out from the workshop… Just gave my blog a little tune up

My first theme was ‘Piano Black’… Some readers complained about how much hard it was to read my posts. One reader said and I quote ‘I had to squint my eyes to see the words properly.’ The reason why I chose that previous theme was because I play the piano and I saw it as a sign.

So here’s my new blog. It has a more cozy feeling to it, and the header is one of the main locations mentioned in my thriller, Dubai.


A. H. Amin


6 thoughts on “Out from the workshop… Just gave my blog a little tune up

  1. Change is always a good thing! Even my blog sported several different looks before I settled with the current theme, background, and banners. And I’m sure they will probably change, again, sometime in the future. 😀

    I love the banner of Dubai’s skyline. It looks amazing!

  2. I think it’s a great idea to listen to your readers/visitors. If something makes them uncomfortable, it can only work in your favor to change it. I like black and white themes, so that one was fine with me as well, but if someone’s struggling, props to you to help them out.

    • I was hoping you would like the new look. I tried my best to keep the vibe and add a little color in dark contrast.
      If you find a flaw one day I’ll be glad to change it for your benefit. 🙂

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