Most recent reviews of ‘Psychs’

Hello everyone,

I Just read the most recent review of my thriller ‘Psychs‘ by author Fran Lewis and other customers reviews at and Author House Bookstore. Amazing 5 stars reviews!

I have never felt so overwhelmed, they really loved my thriller. It is days like this I realize that my efforts did not go to waste. I have worked so hard to make my story and my characters compatible and lovable to my readers.

Read the reviews below to know how happy I am right now:-

Fran Lewis : a very thorough review of ‘Psychs’

‘… I read this in less than one day because I could not put it down. This is one book that will definitely make you think, give you pause for thought and make you wonder: Who Can I Trust? This is definitely a FIVE STAR BOOK….’

Author House customer reviews : best review written by a reader calling himself (Max Payne)

‘… A great creative thriller…’

‘… nice writing & storyline that keeps you want to read more & more about whats really goning on in this journey…’

‘… two thumps up for this writter…’

‘… an intertwine between two worlds, the supernatural and scientific tactics…’ Also thorough from Fran Lewis

‘… thriller filled with twists, turns and definitely some miracles…’

More reviews are on the way, but the one I’m waiting for the most is the Kirkus review, which will be out there hopefully by the end of October or the beginning of November. Thanks to all those kind readers, I feel more confident about it.

Have a wonderful day everyone



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