I wonder… where he is? What did he do so far? Does he remember?

 I was looking at some old pictures of my and my family’s childhood, old events and celebrations. I found my self staring at one image, an old image, searching my memories, not of the person in that image, for it was for someone I would never forget, I was searching for his name only.

Ryo, a kid who we shared a wall with his family a very long time ago… he was from Korea, and he was my first friend ever. He used to visit me everyday, he brings his toy cars to share them with me. The one I chose was white, his car was dark, one thing we did was driving them toward each other and just before they collide we swirl and make some car noises.

I remember the last day I saw him, it was just before the first gulf war, he was going back to where he came from. I was standing with my parents, I was crying, he was smiling and waving to me from the back window of the car as he was going away.

I’ll always wonder where he is now, and what are his accomplishments so far. Who knows, maybe its possible he’ll see my post and drop by. If not, well… I can only wish him well in his life.


10 thoughts on “I wonder… where he is? What did he do so far? Does he remember?

  1. The funny thing is, I’m usually the kid waving from the car window. So many people have simply come and gone from my life. Even today, I wonder how they are doing, what are they doing, where are they now? But it’s been so long, I’ll probably never know all the answers.

    I hope, one day, you and Ryo reconnect.

    • I really hope so too. Our connections is what make this life real, we do not exist without others acknowledging our existence. I do believe at some point we will meet with those we grew distance from, its not a hunch or hope, but it is what I witnessed before.
      I hope you’ll connect with your past too. 🙂

  2. Well this is the reason i click lot of pictures – when you click they may not seem memorable – check the same picture after few years and it triggers an emotion.
    I hope your friend finds this blog – cheers.

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