Art… the beast within

We share so much of our feelings and experiences no matter how different we are and where we come from, the one I’m sure we all shared was the need to be doing something, to pursue the sense of fulfillment. If we needed to express that feeling we experience we may all say the same thing… ‘There’s something inside me that needs to get out.’

Here’s where we start the same and then we differ afterwards. Art wants to come out, I would go further to describe it as an entity living within us, a vicious beast in a cage, waiting to be tamed before it exits. Some let it flow from the route it meant to travel through, and by doing so, it manifest it self on paper, in sound waves, on canvas or on the screens… and then there’s the others, the ones who ignore her roars, what we don’t know is that if we don’t let her out it will eat us from within.

It is a known fact that people with hobbies and outlets are happier and more productive, they are more fulfilled and less distracted, maybe guilt free too, why else we feel sad when nothing goes around us?

Tame her and then let her emerge, be patient as you design… Be creative, be happy… be with purpose.


I believe art is a single soul divided to all, but the manifestation depends on the catalyst. The catalyst is the person who holds that fragment of the art’s soul within.


8 thoughts on “Art… the beast within

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly about the vicious beast trying to get out. Mine is held captive by the mounds of left brain activity that consumes my time day after day. I can tell that my quirkiness is really my right brain trying to get out and get some attention.

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