My first reader of ‘Kima’, A spiritual and ispirational novel aimed toward a younger audience


This is a picture of the first person to ever read my recently abandoned novel ‘Kima’. I used the word abandoned because of a quote I learned from Leonardo Da Vinci, he said ‘Art is never finished, merely abandoned’ Meaning there will always be a chance to add to what we create.

Kima is a fictional story set in the year 1928, it was inspired by a single event which occurred in South Africa, and ever since it happens every year. The story evolves around two young kids who get to hear an amazing story from an old woman named Kima. Will they learn from that unbelievable story why what happened had happened? And will an unconvincing story of the land, sea and the skies really change their lives? I hope the person in the picture will find out.

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  1. Stephanie Saye · October 25, 2012

    Sounds like an intriguing read. And I’ve always loved Da Vinci’s saying. I heard another good one a few weeks back … a story is never finished. It just stops in an interesting place.

    • ahamin · October 26, 2012

      Glad you think so. That’s a lovely quote, who said that?

  2. Story Addict · October 30, 2012

    Glad you got back to it! I don’t think we can ever entirely forget a story we create if we put in the effort to finish it.

    • ahamin · November 1, 2012

      No we can’t… it is a piece of us after all.

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