Remember Remember the 10th of November… A Q & A session to come

Hello everyone. I have just marked my calender on the 10th of November, it will be a date to look forward to and I hope it would be the same to you all.

I will be hosting a Q & A session on my blog, where I will first write in the post about the novel, then about me and finally about my journey to writing and publishing to give you a chance to warm up before you fire your questions in the comment section.

The post will take place on the date at 6:00 PM GMT. So please synchronize your watches and I hope to see you there.

Best wishes for you and all your beloved ones,

A. H. Amin


  1. sakuraandme · October 28, 2012

    Oh I haven’t read it?..I can’t play! *smiling*
    Have fun everyone!
    Hope you had a great weekend..and I’m glad you heard from your family! x

    • ahamin · October 28, 2012

      Its not a book club discussion, its more like an interview… You will know about the book through my post and if you felt like asking just join us.
      Try visiting my site or my widget and if you felt curious then by all means join us 🙂
      – My Website:
      – My Widget:

      Happy reading

      • sakuraandme · October 29, 2012

        OMG! cool is that, seeing ghosts!

        Now I want to know why him? *laughing*
        So, is this book for sale now at book stores in Australia? x

      • ahamin · October 29, 2012

        Glad to know you liked the idea.
        Bookstore in Australia? Unfortunately no… you can obtain it in E-Book format through Amazon, B&N and many other online sellers available on the website. If you prefer a hard copy, I’d suggest you wait for now 🙂

      • sakuraandme · October 29, 2012

        Will do! x

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