My recent interview with (Flying With Red Haircrow), an avid reader blogger

Here’s a new post about me at (Flying With Red Haircrow), her questions were really interesting and fun to answer.

So visit the link below to discover more about me, my writing process, my book, and some random facts about me.

Interview with A.H. Amin, Author of “Psychs”







Out from the workshop… Just gave my blog a little tune up

My first theme was ‘Piano Black’… Some readers complained about how much hard it was to read my posts. One reader said and I quote ‘I had to squint my eyes to see the words properly.’ The reason why I chose that previous theme was because I play the piano and I saw it as a sign.

So here’s my new blog. It has a more cozy feeling to it, and the header is one of the main locations mentioned in my thriller, Dubai.


A. H. Amin

This dream is killing me…

Yesterday night, I placed myself on my bed to be purified from the plankton’s of yesterday’s strains. Instead I had a new experience, a feeling I had never had in my entire life… and it was in a dream.

I dreamed I was living in another place or time, I could not tell which, the dreams tend to disorient us that way. It was another world, let just say that since dreams have been interpreted by many as a peek to another dimension. That world had another kind of species, scary and beautiful in a way. I was a teenager in my dream, unaware of love and its complexity.

I fall for someone, one of those different beings, a woman who almost looked like she wants to devour me. I submitted on my knees, it made her calm, I reached my hand and held her’s. She looked away with her beautiful, out of this world face, a face that only belongs in a dream world. I tapped her hand to bring back her attention to me, it made her mad, even as I was doing it I knew it was a mistake. She comes closer to me, her hair is dark and silky, her eyes shone it’s light gray light on me and her teeth… its not sharp, but different from normal teeth, it had a mark in the middle of each.

She let go… saying something about a prince and ‘No must stay, now must leave.’ She kept looking back at me, she looked somehow disappointed, with a hint of… I don’t know, for I was just a teenager, unaware of how to treat a normal woman, let alone a supernatural one.

I had this dream this morning, it’s completely killing me. I was thinking about it the entire day for some reason. I was feeling different in a way when I woke up. I have never felt this way toward anything, does this dream have something to offer? Or is it just my wild and untamed imagination?

As I came to the end of writing the dream I realized who was that woman representing, she was someone in my real life, someone I helped yesterday, a colleague. She had different and beautiful features, her eyes were dark but they were wide and bright, her hair was long and silky… and her teeth…. she wore braces, now that I think of it, the marks on my dream woman’s teeth resembled braces… what does this devious dream wants to say?