What famous writers do you write like?

I stumbled upon this blog post by author Shannon A. Thompson who also had the same fortune as I had and found a link that I am about to share with you all.

I Write Like.

This site can analyze the way you write to reveal  what famous writer you write like? I’m sure everyone is dying to know how he or she can write like, it’s a really good boost actually, I know it gave me some great pleasure to find out who I write like, I used words from this post for the analysis.

That's the result of my writing analysis

That’s the result of my writing analysis

Try to see who do you share your writing persona with?

Happy writing everyone,

~ A. H. Amin

Kirkus review of my thriller, Psychs…

Click to view the full review

It’s finally out and in the open. A positive review of my thriller ‘Psychs‘ from Kirkus Reviews, one of the world’s most reliable reviewers. I really loved what they said about my book, the only negative they mentioned did not originate from the story itself, but from some mistakes that managed to pass by my editor.

It was a short review for most of the article went into explaining the jest of the story with no spoilers to be leaked out. Here’s what Kirkus had said about me and my thriller that I found interesting:-

‘Amin, a screenwriter, includes fantastic, sometimes gory action sequences fit for film.’

‘Jumping around in the flashbacks can be somewhat jarring, but it’s used effectively enough to allow readers to fully understand the history and motives driving Hassan and Adam.’

‘Action-packed tale of beyond-the-grave good vs. evil.’

The words (Rough-hewn) were used and they were a negative but the positive counteracted it.

For the full review you can click on the previous image and it will automatically pick you up and take you there.

Another thing I would like to share with you all is my recent interview at ‘Paranormal Book Club‘. It was a really nice and entertaining conversation. Feel free to drop by and hear what I had to say for their questions (Also by clicking the picture below).

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Blog of the Year 2012 Award


I can’t tell you how much this award means to me, to have THAT magnitude of appreciation for the pieces of my mind I shared is so overwhelming. I give my sincere thanks and my famous bone grinding hugs to my fellow blogger and an amazing woman who had exorcist her depression and shares her true experiences, wisdom and support with everyone out there. Thanks Paula!

Knock on her blog, she will welcome you with open arms: http://depressionexists.com/

Here are the blogs that kept me entertained throughout the year:-

1- A writer, a poet and a pirate who crossed the seven seas and conquest with his words through his posts, a blog to look forward too everyday: http://managuagunntoday.wordpress.com/

2- Stephanie Saye, a mother and the author of the book ‘Little 15‘, a must read for parents and teens: http://stephaniesaye.com/

3- Words have never been more fun. A blog designed to brighten you with every visit: http://robincoyle.wordpress.com/

4- An avid reader who shares her passion for literature and a piece of her mind with every book she encounter: http://kelseyketch.com/

5- Captivating with every piece she portraits. An amazing artist and proof that beauty goes both ways: http://acrylicloveaffair.com/

6- A writer in training… or so she claims, she is already to me a great writer. I have always enjoyed every piece of short fiction that she wrote on her blog: http://ramblingsofanaspiringwriter.wordpress.com/

7- One of the first who popped in my head when thinking of who to nominate. Surely this is her year, her book ‘Shadow of Penumbra‘ will soon be out there and I can’t wait to have my hands on it. I wish her and her book all the best in this year and the one right around the corner: http://addictivestory.wordpress.com/

To everyone I follow and who follow me back, I wish you a great year filled with daily blessings.

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Well… we can’t win them all…

I don’t want to be the kind of author who only shares the good reviews now would I? It’s actually a bad thing to conceal what other readers think of your work because obviously we live in a world where every brain is blessed with its own taste buds, but mostly I think it’s bad not to share unappealing reviews because other authors who are new and on their way to have themselves published have to prepare themselves through us, so they can know that it’s not always a 5 star ride.

The thing I didn’t like about his review that he mostly talked about what bothered him about the book even though he said he enjoyed it, but what can I say… we can’t win them all.

Click to visit the review

He didn’t like my style, you see, to have the book placed on a steady pace I used flashbacks instead of representing the story in the right chronological order and to make them appear separate I presented the flashbacks in first person while the main course was presented in third person, he found that confusing. Also, and I’m with him with that, there are some grammatical errors that skipped my editor which was something I hated and will avoid with the new paperback edition which will be released in the coming months.

The other thing was the Ghosts… you see, it’s a fast pace thriller and they act, switch places according to the situation and so on… he got lost while trying to keep up with each Ghost. I don’t blame him, I myself had to work hard to make sure that I don’t misplace or mistake one ghost’s location with the other.

All in all, he enjoyed the book, but he gave more account about what he found unappealing in his review.

~ A. H. Amin

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Psychs – A. H. Amin, Author

Love this review of my thriller

Yvonne Mason's Weblog

Psychs – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat; Think With Your Taste Buds; A Book and A Dish

My parents are leaving in an hour for a visit and my little sister always sleeps late during vacations, I couldn’t wait anymore for them to leave. I looked at the spirits surrounding me and said. ‘Let’s talk’ I said, then closed my room’s door. ‘My name is Hassan what’s yours?’ They replied in turns. ‘Mine is Joseph.’ ‘Rodriquez, call me Rod’ Rod gave a wink. ‘Steven Chow.’ ‘Markus Reed, at your service.’ Mark took a bow and pointed at the female ghost to follow. ‘Nice to meet you Hassan, my name is Emma’, she smiled and waved. ‘Sorry for scaring you’ Emma said. ‘It’s ok’ I replied, then my eyes went to the one next in line. ‘Jack.’ ‘Mason.’ The last one to be introduced was a…

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