My head may burst in the coming days…



So many things to be worried about inside and outside my head and the reason is because my double lives are both highly active at the same time.

Right now I’m two months away from becoming a full fledged doctor…. Ok, ok a dentist, anyhow, I started my midterms now and as I said once before they like me so much that they are trying their best to keep me for another semester… I almost got carpel-tunnel from answering their questions. Also, I have to finish my clinical requirements, which are a lot and some takes hours to accomplish.

Now comes my other life, the one I love more and known for by most people, my writing life. I have received some news every time I think about them jolts of excitement and fear run through me. My publishers told me that within the coming days a copy of Kirkus’s review of my novel will be sent to me. For those who don’t know who’s Kirkus they are not only one of the most reliable book reviewing magazine, they also have influences on agents, publishers and film executives, so a positive review will be BIG. But… my pessimistic dentist mind is playing the worst case scenario.

The second great news is getting an e-mail from CBC informing me that they have a copy of my book and they, their words not mine, will review the book and if they consider it for coverage, they will contact my publisher or me. The undiscovered part of the human brain where mister dentist hides is focusing on ‘IF we consider it…’, he’s a brain tumor I tell you.

The last but not least is my E-mail campaign, in which more than 500,000 people will get to have a peak at my book and, hopefully, get curious enough to click on it and view it. But the thing is it will happen next month… Oh waiting, how I love thee…

So as you can see, my second life is making it harder for me to learn how to reconstruct a broken jaw (Like I’ll ever do that). Right now, all I can do is pray and hope that all of my work will benefit in the end.



  1. alicebrook1502 · November 2, 2012

    Writing is a priority, so I’d suggest you don’t put that much effort into the doctorac (that it, give it your 60% percent, not a hundred, or even 50 because you said “reconstruct a broken jaw (Like I’ll ever do that)”), then make a big party to celebrate the reviews and then write the second part.

    I started reading it, I love it already 🙂

    • ahamin · November 2, 2012

      I only give my 100% during my midterms and finals, 60% is my everyday study 🙂
      I’m really glad you are loving it so far, you are too kind.

      Happy reading.

    • ahamin · November 9, 2012

      They just sent the Kirkus review to me…
      Suffice to say that I’ll be doing a colossal party tomorrow.
      Thank you, Alice for your faith in me. 🙂

  2. sakuraandme · November 4, 2012

    Okay, I laughed a lot reading this post! (in a good way!) *smiling*
    You sound incredibly excited,happy and nervous all in one breath!
    I wish you well in all these matters! Paula xx

    • ahamin · November 4, 2012

      Thanks Paula, you are too kind. I wish you the best too 🙂

      • sakuraandme · November 5, 2012

        Wow! I just read the review on your book..I feel like a little kid and want to know the ending now! *laughing*

        How exciting for you! *smiling* I see a Hollywood buster in the making!! …Paula x

      • ahamin · November 5, 2012

        You have no idea how happy that makes me feel. Thank you for your kind words and support. 🙂

  3. ketch1714 · November 5, 2012

    Living a double life can definitely be difficult at times, but remember, it will all work out in the end! 😀 Congrats on all your wonderful news and good luck on your mid-terms and clinical requirements!

    • ahamin · November 5, 2012

      And if it didn’t, then it’s not the end yet 🙂
      Thanks Kelsey for your wishes, I wish the same for you in your studies and writing life.

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