A Book and A Dish…


I should explain…

Yes that’s me, and I’m holding what I tried to cook for the first time… I also categorized this post as book review. So what’s happening?

Simple, I received an e-mail from author Martha A. Cheves, the author of ‘A Book and a Dish‘ , ‘Think With Your Taste Buds: Desserts‘ and ‘Stir, Laugh, Repeat‘. Every week she posts one of her recipes and a book review. So guess which book made it to her list?? Yes, mine.

She chose (QUINOA PILAF) as the right dish for this book, branding it as a (Hassan special)… For those who are new to my fiction thriller, Hassan is the name of my main character. It is also the name of my older brother who I created the character in his honor (Read here: A tribute to my hero, my brother). The dish was amazing, and the review… well, you can read it yourselves and see why she was motivated to chose my book with her delicious dish.

‘Psychs’ review by Martha A. Cheves.

I copied the review below in case you don’t like traveling a lot, and as for the recipe, you can get it through the previous link.

Psychs – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat; Think With Your Taste Buds; A Book and A Dish
My parents are leaving in an hour for a visit and my little sister always sleeps late during vacations, I couldn’t wait anymore for them to leave. I looked at the spirits surrounding me and said. ‘Let’s talk’ I said, then closed my room’s door. My name is Hassan what’s yours?’ They replied in turns. ‘Mine is Joseph.’ ‘Rodriquez, call me Rod’ Rod gave a wink. ‘Steven Chow.’ ‘Markus Reed, at your service.’ Mark took a bow and pointed at the female ghost to follow. ‘Nice to meet you Hassan, my name is Emma’, she smiled and waved. ‘Sorry for scaring you’ Emma said. ‘It’s ok’ I replied, then my eyes went to the one next in line. ‘Jack.’ ‘Mason.’ The last one to be introduced was a woman I had first seen behind the glass window, the one who had watched me sleeping when I was admitted. She looked different, they all looked military, and she was the only one who didn’t fit in the picture. And for some reason, she looked very familiar to me. ‘Sara.’ My eyes started to widen. ‘I am your mother dear.’

All through his life Hassan has felt there was always someone watching him. Now and then he would even see a quick movement out of the corner of his eye. It wasn’t until he came to the rescue of a woman and child being beaten by husband only to have the husband bring him near death that he realized his images were real. At least as real as ghosts can be. They had always looked after him but couldn’t communicate, until Hassan came up with an idea. Sign language. That would give he and the ghosts a way of communicating without actually speaking. But Hassan’s ghosts were not only his guardian angels, they became his teachers. Through them he was able to lead a 2nd life that would prove most valuable in years to come.

Adam, also known as Shark, was a Navy Seal that had been held prisoner for years. His capturers were of the worse type. Torture was used more as an entertainment than to acquire information they might need and since Adam’s strong hold was his hands, their first form of torture was to remove his arms leaving him with no method of self-defense. They may have destroyed his body but they never destroyed his mind, soul and determination to live. So, after 13 years of torture, Shark meets Hassan and the battle begins.

Psychs is a book that brings out the strength of mind over body in its desire to live, both through Hassan and Shark. The stories of both that lead up to their story together is one that may sound impossible but with the author’s ability to write, you can see, feel and picture each line as it happens. This is a very well written book and an extremely interesting story. I can actually see this one being made into a movie with someone like Bruce Willis being Hassan. Now I’m impatiently waiting on the next book in the series ‘The Remnant.’

‘Psychs website’

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  1. sakuraandme · November 18, 2012

    Excellent! your self sufficient! You can write,study and cook! Do you clean? *laughing* Okay seriously now! I so see this as a movie as well.
    It must be hard to sleep out of excitement! Hope you had a great weekend! …Paula x

    • ahamin · November 18, 2012

      About cleaning… that’s the only thing I hate to do… I pay someone to do that once a week 🙂
      Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. I hope you had a great week as I did, Paula.

      A. H. Amin

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