Things I missed while I was away.

My nephew’s first steps…

Her first tooth

His first day at school…

The arrival of the new member in our family, my niece Princes Lara…


4 thoughts on “Things I missed while I was away.

  1. Oh, how sweet! It’s hard when your away from family! But you stayed the path and will one day be rewarded for that.
    I went to visit my brother when my youngest son was nearly 1. Only was going away for 5 days so my family looked after him. The very next day they called to say he took his first steps. OMG! I cried and felt like such a bad mother! At the airport he walked very slowly to me. Again I cried!
    *laughing* So I understand how you feel! …..Paula xxx

    • Thank you, Paula. It’s really sweet of you to say that.
      I can’t wait to see him walk in front of me, even though most probably he forgot who I was and would be running away 🙂
      My brother told me about my other nephew’s first day at school, he made a big mess over there. He’s a happy go free kiddo. And he’s the only one I see becoming a musician, he has that aura.

    • Thanks! I can’t wait to go back and hold her myself. She’s a spitting image of her 1 year old sister when she was born.
      I’m glad you liked the review, it means a lot to me to know that. 🙂

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