Kirkus review of my thriller, Psychs…

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It’s finally out and in the open. A positive review of my thriller ‘Psychs‘ from Kirkus Reviews, one of the world’s most reliable reviewers. I really loved what they said about my book, the only negative they mentioned did not originate from the story itself, but from some mistakes that managed to pass by my editor.

It was a short review for most of the article went into explaining the jest of the story with no spoilers to be leaked out. Here’s what Kirkus had said about me and my thriller that I found interesting:-

‘Amin, a screenwriter, includes fantastic, sometimes gory action sequences fit for film.’

‘Jumping around in the flashbacks can be somewhat jarring, but it’s used effectively enough to allow readers to fully understand the history and motives driving Hassan and Adam.’

‘Action-packed tale of beyond-the-grave good vs. evil.’

The words (Rough-hewn) were used and they were a negative but the positive counteracted it.

For the full review you can click on the previous image and it will automatically pick you up and take you there.

Another thing I would like to share with you all is my recent interview at ‘Paranormal Book Club‘. It was a really nice and entertaining conversation. Feel free to drop by and hear what I had to say for their questions (Also by clicking the picture below).

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13 thoughts on “Kirkus review of my thriller, Psychs…

  1. Yay! Congrats πŸ™‚ Glad they loved it. It really sucks when editors miss mistakes, but unfortunately it’s hard to count on them, or beta readers. It’s really not their fault considering the number of times they read the MS, but that’s why it often takes a team of many people to read and read again, and why I’ve had to read my MS six times in the past six months. Glad your book is getting exposure! Keep it up.

    • Thanks! I hope Shadow of Penumbra gets more than what I did and it should, because you launched from a better pad than I did.
      Looking forward for the big day.

  2. Go you! Excellent interview! *smiley face* A wife that can’t cook? Do you know how many women have just fallen for you? *laughing* Expensive watches, Hmmm the prices of some of those can help pay mortgages off!! Lol. Off to the country for the night, meeting with the council, never a fun thing to do! Trying to get approval for some work out there. Have a good day……..Paula x

    • Thanks! The thing is they all can cook over here, it’s a quality they seek in a woman… not me though. πŸ™‚
      I used to sell them but I’m not the owner, they get all the cheese while I get to handle them and deal with pretentious customers, I swear there are some customers who get bank loans just to buy an expensive watch for show off.
      Good luck with the council, waw… sounds big, I like to know more about that πŸ™‚

      • Hi Ahamin. Just got home and what a headache! So many licenses
        needed just to get 2 trans portables approved and an outside toilet!
        I swear these guy’s must love the power they hold over your land! *laughing* My son lives there and looks after the place for us, but we wanted separate accommodation for us. It’s 116 Acres and has house,pool,stable,machinery shed, couple of other sheds and some caravans.I don’t want to live there full time *smling* I want the best of both worlds,Country and City! I’m being greedy! Lol xx

      • Looks like you have a slice of heaven on earth, it really sounds like an amazing place to be in, I may go to the city to refresh myself too but I’ll find myself leaning back to that place.
        Glad you got things done. πŸ™‚

      • It is! But it’s No Dallas! *laughing* I used to love that show!
        It’s very Australian outback design, as it’s bush and rural. Hundreds of trees and bushes. Very dry at the moment. You would love jogging around it! Hope you had a great weekend!
        Chow Amin!! ……Paula xx

      • My brother used to teach at Curtin University and that’s how he describes it. I call him Govner by the way πŸ˜€
        I think I would love that too :). Who knows, maybe I’ll end up with a master piece.

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