Psychs at Black Caviar Book Club

They just placed an online billboard of me and my thriller at Black Caviar Book Club. It’s a really nice book club with many features for readers and writers, you can join the readers lounge over there and learn what’s new in many genres and you can suggest good reads to avid readers over there.

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You can check out my novel there where you will find a short synopsis of my thriller, a bio of yours truly and a pre-publication video of me talking about my thriller. Feel free to leave a comment, they like that!

Another new update is the new page added to my website, the new ‘Reviews‘ Page where you can read what people, authors, bloggers and customers are saying about ‘Psychs’

Click on the image to view the website

Click on the image to view the website

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  1. sakuraandme · December 3, 2012

    Evening Amin! *waving* So your in Egypt finishing off your dentistry?
    I went to Cairo some years ago and although I loved it! It never really felt safe. That sounds silly doesn’t it? So much history there! It’s midnight and my medication has kicked in. *bugger* I keep hitting the backspace button.Yip! time for bed!! *laughing* Night Amin! ……Paula x

    • ahamin · December 3, 2012

      It’s not silly at all, in my first year I was robbed. 😀
      You have to pick the places to go to and with who, Alexandria and Sharm are best places to be at.

      I love history, I’ve been to the museum 9 times. I love the idea of being in a place that has objects existed thousands of years ago. I’m really curious of each artifact’s story.

      Have a great sleep, Paula! Goodnight 🙂

      • sakuraandme · December 4, 2012

        I sooo loved the museum! I spent the whole day there and only saw a smidgen of it! *laughing* It’s so huge!
        My brother wanted to go to Alexandria, but we ran out of time. That’s the problem with Australia? we are so far from the rest of the world!
        We cram as much in before returning home, to have a holiday, from the holiday! *laughing*

        Your brother would understand! BTW: He worked South of the River and I live North of the River. That time again, Night Amin! *waving*
        Chow Paula x

      • ahamin · December 4, 2012

        I’ll have to ask my brother what that river is 🙂
        Same thing here, I actually came to the point that I don’t like holidays, I only feel normal when I do work… good thing I’m a writer. 🙂

        Nighty night Paula!

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