A friend I haven’t seen for a while is now a fan…

I felt my pocket vibrate yesterday, it was my i-phone receiving a message from a strange number which turned out to be a dear friend of mine, a friend who read my book and liked it so much that he decided to do this little prank with me before he let me know who he was.

Those who read my story will understand what the conversation means.

~ A. H. Amin


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  1. sakuraandme · December 10, 2012

    That’s funny! Feeling a little crappy today, this made me smile! x

    • ahamin · December 10, 2012

      Glad I was able to draw a smile. There is always those days, best thing to do is wait for the following day, or just check my blog 🙂

      • sakuraandme · December 11, 2012

        Hello funny man!! *laughing* your right, today I feel fine! You always make me smile! Chow x

      • ahamin · December 11, 2012

        Glad to know that! 🙂

      • sakuraandme · December 11, 2012

        BTW: did you listen to the Korean piano player that I re blogged?
        Kiss the Rain, you must!!! x

      • ahamin · December 11, 2012

        Will do 🙂

  2. ketch1714 · December 10, 2012

    Ha Ha! What fun!

    • ahamin · December 10, 2012

      I was in my lecture hall when it came to me, it made the class less boring. 🙂

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