What’s missing?


I was that person…

We all may have at some point started to act like that in our lives, and some are still stopping midway between the start line and the finish line considering to not just not to go forward, but instead to move sideways and quit while they are in the middle of……. well, your brain can fill that blank since you maybe able to relate.

What makes us start in the first place? Did we know that we are going to quit before we start working on sculpturing our dreams? Such knowledge would have prevented us from starting up in the first place, let alone to go through the process and the endurance of the hard work. Was it because we tasted the reality of it and it made us more aware that the blueprint we relate our work on is actually based on a dream? What motivates you to do what most of us would shy from?

The answer is simple…

The word that describes that answer can be simply put out in the open, but the truth is, obtaining it depends entirely on you… the answer is, PASSION!

To have passion in what you do in everything you are attempting to accomplish is what makes you move forward and not backward, certainly not sideways and out of the track, because passion will guide you to your goal.

Have passion in what you do and there will be no stopping you. Your dream is but a prophecy waiting to be fulfilled. So be true to your message, and let passion guides you while you walk in the right way… not the easy way and not the simple way, but the right way.

~ A. H. Amin



  1. sakuraandme · December 10, 2012

    Morning Amin! Passion is very important:)
    I could definitely relate to the quitting side of things:) I loved the piano but anxiety prevented me from playing in front of people, apart from immediate family. Instead of finding coping strategies, I quit:( I was struggling with the 3rd page of Moonlight Sonata and blamed the fact I had hurt my hand. Truth was, I quit and that’s that! Everyday I see the piano, I feel like a failure. Seems trivial but ,to me! It was a major disappointment in myself. As for goals and money? They take perseverance and hard work! Money doesn’t make people happy, but it gives freedom and choices:) Deep down we all just want to be happy with those we’ve made:) Sometimes it’s just so easy to want to give up. But imagine all the amazing things that could have been in your life, had the person not given up on themselves. God! I’m writing a book. *laughing* hug to you Amin!
    I say people should follow there heart:)……Paula xxxx

    • ahamin · December 10, 2012

      Thanks for your thoughts, Paula. I’m sure no one likes to be told what to do, so instead, I’m going to do something else… I want to challenge you. If the piano is there try to play a tune, and then compose a piece.
      I know you’ll probably think I’m insane, but what’s sane today? 🙂
      Try it and let me know what you’ll feel afterward.

  2. kelihasablog · December 10, 2012

    Follow your heart if at all possible… Try not to let life block your dreams… 😀

  3. sakuraandme · December 11, 2012

    Strange, I only got this message tonight! again it’s late and I’m medicated! *laughing* i have to stop reading when under the influence. I so hate going to bed that’s my problem! *laughing* Mmmm this is a hard challenge. I don’t even remember the last time I tried to play. Hahaha, I’m already scared of how crap I’ll be! Maybe tomorrow i’ll lift the lid and see what comes? No matter what! music is the key to my soul. *smiling* It can turn a crap day into something beautiful. Can you tell me a short story about a butterfly that can’t fly? Maybe I’m the weird one! *smiling*
    Night Amin! *waving* hugs……….Paula x

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