When we were kids, we had different binoculars to view life… try to look them up


How simple our pleasures were when we were kids, we look at nothing and see a toy or even an adventure. Now, to have fun we need to first have ‘a mood for it‘.

Something happened along the way that made us forget how to think like that, we called it growing up, but is there an age for imagination and creativity?

I laughed so hard when I saw this picture because I really remember jumping from the bed, holding a bag and really believe I was gliding, I did it with umbrellas too, they worked better.

I did stop for a while, and if wasn’t for my fateful times in Emirates, where I first shared ideas from my used to be dormant imagination I wouldn’t have found out that I have the potential to be a writer, and having just a potential was more than enough to ignite the kid within. We get the sense of euphoria whenever we have a new idea, we feel like a kid again, or should I call it something else?Perhaps with purpose? I’ll let your kid answer.

Here’s another picture I saw today that made my inner child speak on its own.

For me, it looks like people dropping from the sky, I can imagine a parachute opening any minute now... What do you see?

For me, it looks like people dropping from the sky, I can imagine a parachute opening any minute now… What do you see?

Here’s another one, I don’t think it would have been done if the one who created that didn’t have a kid’s imagination.


I really wish to know the name of that book… Can someone tell me?

I’ll leave you with two things… First, be a kid in your life and enjoy the simple things around you.

And second, here’s another one on the house.



10 thoughts on “When we were kids, we had different binoculars to view life… try to look them up

  1. Reminds me of the time I tried to build wings out of cardboard boxes. The ease of imagination in childhood comes from the fact that you don’t know the outcomes yet, I really thought I’d be able to fly! As adults we become much too set in our assumptions, there is still a lot for us to learn 🙂

  2. Hi Amin! My PC is playing up today! It doesn’t want to play, or it’s something going on with word press? I see, birds gliding through the water:) Are they star fish?
    I don’t think I’ll ever grow up! *laughing* That’s not to say I’m immature…there’s a right time and place for everything:):)
    Okay, I’m turning my PC off and going to sulk like a child!! *laughing*
    What’s up word press?? Enjoy your day, we can play marbles later! *laughing* Super hugs xxxx

    • Hi there, Paula.
      Sorry for replying late, exams all over the place. I finally got a break today and i’ll use it to watch The Hobbit, I’ll leave soon to meet my friends and hopefully, relive the glory days of Lord Of The Ring.
      Have a wonderful day, Paula.

  3. Love the overuse of “I” in that book, lol. Nice post! I think as writers, we especially have to look at things through the perspective of a child. That’s what makes books worth reading, the wonder with which the author tells a story.

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