Book givaway… who wants a fiction thriller for Christmas?

Hello everyone,

So we survived the apocalypse, we get to see another Christmas but we also got to miss a thousands of years anticipated action.
This year was a real blessing for me and I didn’t want it to end like they foretold, so since we are standing on the threshold of the next chapter of our lives, 2013, my next chapter in the ‘Psych’ series, ‘The Remnant’, and of course, Christmas, I decided to do a little giveaway of my thriller, Psychs.


As you can see, that’s a picture of me holding plastic cards showing the picture of my book cover, behind those cards there are Promo codes for the book. Four lucky people will get to win my thriller, all they need to do is to try and guess the five code numbers in the middle… come on guys, I’m not that cruel, besides, it’s Christmas!

Here’s what to do, simply just learn if this book is your cup of tea by viewing the pre-publication video of me talking about my thriller, and most importantly, visit my website and learn more about my book and about me. Once you like what you tasted, just leave a comment down below, if you are one of the lucky four,we’ll talk later.

So, I hope everyone is exited for Christmas and the holidays, and I hope my gift will find its way to you.

~ A. H. Amin



  1. sofiasiberia · December 28, 2012

    Oh I share the same idea! 🙂 we survived the end of 2012 (old era, uff finally 🙂 ) and are now making a transition into a new and hopefully a better, rather more enlightened one! 🙂
    Will check your website now!

    • ahamin · December 29, 2012

      I hope that too. Thanks! Enjoy your visit 🙂

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