The world did not end, and so did not my thriller…

My thriller, Psychs, have been released by my new publisher in e-book format. The reason why I started that way was simple, whenever you go to a bookstore two things a book can capture you with, first the cover… check (Top Ten Book Covers Of The Year 2012), the second thing is what it says on that cover itself, i.e. Reviews.


This year was a blessing for me, I can’t see the humor in the Mayan’s joke about the end of the world. My book have received positive reviews so far, I even created a new page on my website for those reviews too, from a literary magazine, from authors, from customers and from bloggers. Now, those reviews should be where it belong, on and inside the book.

So that’s why I decided to announce that my thriller, Psychs, will be soon available in Paperback format on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many other online sellers. And with the new cover smeared with reviews on it, it will be available and more noticeable in bookstores too.

I am standing on the threshold of the next year’s door, and leaving 2012 with good memories and the sense of accomplishments, even though they were little, because the important thing is, I’m moving forward and away from my starting point.

I’ll be revealing more from my book, so next time, be prepared, because I will be revealing some new stuff about my characters and my thriller that, in a way, I have never revealed before. Until then, enjoy your last week of 2012, and have a great holiday.

~ A. H. Amin

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  1. ketch1714 · December 28, 2012

    Awesome news! I’ll be purchasing my paperback copy as soon as it’s available on the Barnes and Noble website! 🙂

    • ahamin · December 29, 2012

      Thanks, Kelsey! And you won’t be waiting for long for The Remnant. 🙂

  2. Lila · December 29, 2012

    It’s all about personal growth. Congratulations.

    • ahamin · December 29, 2012

      I agree. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Stephanie Saye · December 29, 2012

    Great news indeed! I’ve added Psychs to my “to-read” list on Goodreads. You mentioned a new publisher? Story behind that? By the way, I finally made good on the Blog of the Year Award you gave me, in which I also plugged Psychs along the way … 🙂

    • ahamin · December 30, 2012

      Thanks, Stephanie! 🙂
      I found out recently from goodreads, I’m really honored to have you in my readers list, it is a thriller you know, so I hope it’ll be your cup of tea.
      My old publisher was really bad, actually, they scammed me, they did not assign an ISBN, they didn’t distribute, nothing… worst than self publishing, I had to do more work, but at least I managed to become a best seller in Kuwait, no thanks to them of course.
      My new publisher is the one I have been with since September, they are more professionals. Right now I’m continuing with them the publication of my paperback copy, it’s in the printing process… All hopes up 🙂
      I’m really grateful for what you did for me, I have added little 15 long ago to my reading list, not on goodreads, since I don’t go there a lot recently, but I am waiting for my vacation to start by the end of January, until then, your work and Alexander’s (another author on the count down too) will have to wait for me.
      I hope for the best in the coming year, and the ones to follow. 🙂

  4. sakuraandme · January 5, 2013

    Hey Amin! *waving* You achieved more in one year than most can do in a lifetime! I shall find that paperback and get lost into the Psychs world!
    Glad you found a new publisher, there’s always teething problems when a new adventure begins! Lucky for you, the good dentist fixed them! Lol
    Sorry! I couldn’t resist.:) …….Paula x

    • ahamin · January 5, 2013

      Ha Ha! Thanks.
      It is in the production process, I’m sure it’ll be on Angus and Robertson, it’s already there on their site as an e-book, soon, hopefully, on paperback too. 🙂

      • sakuraandme · January 5, 2013

        Just let me know when? Night crazy man! Mwah!! x

      • ahamin · January 5, 2013

        Nighty night 🙂

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