Try to imagine, and be grateful…

Do not place yourself in someone’s shoes only, Instead, try to replace your whole life with theirs… you can keep your shoes.


My reminiscence chose to be my company today when I started to think that I have only two days left for graduation. My brain took me far back in the past that it shattered my chronological barrier and went the extra distance to the times before I was born.

I looked at my origins, at how my father had started, as a son working in the farm with his own father… my grandfather. He was a farmer who had always found time for his studies even after his whole body is depleted, in the times where old Iraq was conflicted by the varieties of political parties. I can never understand what kept him going? My only answer would be family, they did everything for my father to keep him in the university.

He graduated, and as he went through the bumps and highways fate had constructed in his path, he eventually became one of Kuwait’s most successful AC engineers. My life was easier, I only got to live the hard parts of life when I went to college. I never saw my life more clearly than today, I saw how different my life would have been if my father didn’t keep pushing himself. I tried to see how I would have done if I was in his shoes him. I am a writer, and I honestly can say that it is impossible to channel him.

I got to see ‘Life of Pi‘ two days ago. One quote from the movie had stuck in my brain, it was this quote: ‘I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye.’ I couldn’t find the rest of the quote in which he goes on saying how he had never had the chance to thank his father for everything he had done for him.

I called my father that day, I told him I was extremely grateful for giving me more than one chance to set a direction to my life, even though he got only half  a chance when he was younger than me. That made him concerned, he thought something was wrong with me. I simply told him ‘I’m fine, I said that because everything I’m doing right now I do so I can have a chance to repay you… and if I failed, at least you’ll know I’m grateful for all that you have worked for’.

Only two days left for my graduation, and once the day comes, I’ll be working my whole body and the aura that surrounds it toward printing the second chapter in the Psych series, ‘The Remnant’, and toward starting the third book in the series, ‘Ib….. you know what? I won’t share the name yet, will do so once book two is in the open.

Cherish those who are around you, and never judge them, just look at their shoes and picture yours instead.

~ A. H. Amin

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Paperback edition of Psychs is now live…

Well… the day I have been waiting for has finally arrived. Psychs is now available in Paperback format on Amazon and AuthorHouse.

Psychs Front Cover

Psychs Front Cover


Psychs have been available in E-Book format since September of 2012. Now, passing through the threshold of 2013, Psychs took a physical form, where the marks of acknowledgment are visible on both sides of the cover.

Psychs is a fast paced fiction thriller which introduces two of a kind characters, Hassan Ali, a man who have never been alone ever since the tragic event of his birth, which connected 8 spirits to him, and a man named Adam Goldfish who have been imprisoned for 13 years where he learned to adapt to his brutal alterations and expand his resources with the little left in him.

The story takes place in two times, Nowadays and ten years from now, following mainly younger and older Hassan, who at the first discovery of the 8 ghosts and the near death experience will be committed to an asylum. As a grown up, he’ll get to use those spirits in tactics and getting Intel for him so he can lead a double life in Psychology and military.

The ghosts will help him to evolve to the man he wants to become, they will give him the knowledge they had obtained throughout their times in the living world. They will also play a role in his first love, who will be the first to learn and keep his secret ability.

Psychs is a story of wit, survival, friendships, of first love and of fate’s path

… And now it’s on and in paperback.

Writing my heart out…

I have been away for too long, 8 days without blogging can be ages for me. Having an outlet, a channel for your river of creativity to flow in is essential for our own mental health. Blogging is the place where you pour your heart out.

In the past days I have been busy in so many ways, my physical world and my mental world have been per-occupied with so many thing the dam I call my skull could burst,but not in an all bad way, mostly in a good way, some in a great manner.

I got out from my castaway island, I have been stranded since my internet got sick, now healthy as an ox I can mention the great news and the important things that have happened to me in the last days, something beautiful.

I’ll be away for a while, I need to visit my friend in the hospital (one of the things that had me occupied lately). I’ll be back for more, hopefully today.

Have a great day everyone.

~ A. H. Amin

New soft cover of Psychs revealed…


‘Good and Evil has no passport; it wears many skins, speaks in different tongues, and exists everywhere, even in the same person’

~ Psychs

Here’s the new, modified and marked with reviews cover of my fiction thriller. The soft cover edition will soon be available next month on all major online stores and in bookstores.

The new cover is not the only recent addition to the book. This time, you’ll get to have a sneak peek at the second chapter in the Psych series, The Remnant, Book 2 in the series. You’ll get to take a short dive inside the prologue and the first chapter, I hope you’ll be able to hold your breath that long.

There’s also an interview of me at Managua Gunn’s Pirate Haven in the end, you’ll get to know more about me, my work and my thoughts on writing and writers.

Here’s to 2013, may it be the best next step for the series.

Here’s Psychs website, have a visit, learn more, and get involved…

~ A. H. Amin

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Great news…

Well, it’s finally on track now.

My fiction thriller got the good acknowledgment that I was seeking by releasing the E-Book edition first. As we know, when you enter a bookstore what attracts you to the book is the reviews written on them, having the word of mouth can really help the reader to get some idea about that book from someone other than the author.

Psychs have received so far only positive reviews from Kirkus, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Authors, Bloggers and So now comes the second step for the Psych series, the new paperback edition which is now marked with reviews.

2012 was a very productive year for my thriller, and now I’m starting 2013 with a bang.

Soon, perhaps later today, I will be able to share the new soft cover for Psychs.

So, until then, you can visit my website and learn more about my thriller, you can also get linked from there so you can get to read the full reviews.

~ A. H. Amin

Everything is permitted when we are creative… Part 6

Your mind is a universe… you can always spot a star in it…




Art has never been explained better…

Is your imagination that flexible?

Is your imagination that flexible?


Wouldn't you be curious to see what's inside its stomach?

Wouldn’t you be curious to see what’s inside its stomach?

save paper, save the planet

Your ideas can safe your planet…


You’d like to stand and look at it instead…

Art... it can tell you what kind of a person you are...

Art… it can tell you what kind of a person you are…

we do live in the digital world after all

we do live in the digital world after all…


A pavement x a creative mind = Art ²


Traveling is now easier and more fun…


Agatha Christie would love that…


The world has all the pieces… your mind is your glue…

You’ll never know what might come out from your head… so go ahead and try to find out…

~ A. H. Amin


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