The kid within us….

Art by Kakotomirai

Art by Kakotomirai

I think this is kind of refreshing and I believe everyone should do that once in a while.

Today I went to the grocery… Yes, we writers need food too… It was early and the streets were empty, so I did something like what’s in the picture; I imagined something abnormal in a normal place. It is a good exercise for the brain, you get to give your creative part lying in there a start up.

Try it out, even if you are inside your house. It will revive the kid inside you. That kid is really important for us, it is a part inside you that will never gets old and will always keep you entertained.
Having a kid’s imagination with an adult’s means of expressing those imaginations is what differentiate a true creative artist from an artist. Art has many ways to reveal itself, through writing, through music, through… well, you can fill in if you want to, but art will always start from a picture from your head, imagined to be seen by your eyes, imagined to be heard through your ears, tasted through your lips… imagined.

I will look through the window after this post, to see through my inner kid’s eyes my words disturbing the clouds as it leaves to you.

~ A. H. Amin

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7 thoughts on “The kid within us….

  1. Sometimes, at home, I imagine having supernatural control over lightning or telekinesis. I picture exotic blast waves of energy that surround the area as I execute taekwondo katas, chores, or something as simple as opening the fridge door. Sometimes, it’s laughable. Other times the imagination evolves into a developed character for a plot. Where would we writers be without the kid in us? šŸ™‚

    • Probably wishing to be kids again.

      I do taekwondo too. I do katas too, or should I say, boomsga. It helps to stimulate the brain, imagining a situation and acting in it.

      That’s some good imagination you have there, keep it up. šŸ™‚

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