Great news…

Well, it’s finally on track now.

My fiction thriller got the good acknowledgment that I was seeking by releasing the E-Book edition first. As we know, when you enter a bookstore what attracts you to the book is the reviews written on them, having the word of mouth can really help the reader to get some idea about that book from someone other than the author.

Psychs have received so far only positive reviews from Kirkus, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Authors, Bloggers and So now comes the second step for the Psych series, the new paperback edition which is now marked with reviews.

2012 was a very productive year for my thriller, and now I’m starting 2013 with a bang.

Soon, perhaps later today, I will be able to share the new soft cover for Psychs.

So, until then, you can visit my website and learn more about my thriller, you can also get linked from there so you can get to read the full reviews.

~ A. H. Amin


9 thoughts on “Great news…

  1. Well done! BTW: The book covers get me every time! I can be looking at Drama, but see another’s book cover and could easily switch to romance…Yip…just by the cover! Or maybe that’s just me?……Paula x

    • Hi Heather,

      Thanks for buying my book. I came across The Widow of Saunders Creek a couple of weeks ago, I am flying home in two weeks and I thought I may get a good book for my sister, as a gift. I saw your blog and realized that you haven’t reviewed it yet at the time, but now I know it’s a good read. Thanks.
      So, a navy wife, huh? Then I’m sure you’ll enjoy my novel.

      ~ A. H. Amin

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