Everything is permitted when we are creative… Part 7

A cunning painting reminded me of one of my favorite and usual posts. I always encourage people to create art of all forms and it can be directed toward any of our five senses, the important thing is that it can awake our sixth sense.


Art by Robert Farkas.

Here’s something to get you inspired, a little waking up jolt to the artist lying within us all.


Nothing like a creative breakfast to get your art going


It looks better with a pencil…


He really nailed it…


Got mug??!!


Magic can spring through you when you allow it to flow out…


Creative plates for the creative minds… What piece of art will you create to digest??


Thanks to you… I am


Music is nourishment for the soul after all



All you need is an idea and one click


Show us how you see the world…


The world is your tools


Inspiration comes to life through the creative


The lips can direct your art to all your senses, and it can ignite the passion that is our sixth sense.

Did you feel the urge to create?
The artist’s soul is a very flammable material, so I hope I was able to succeed in creating a spark

‘Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.’

Reggie Leach

New updates and sum ups…

I have been quiet lately about my fiction thriller for a while because I was enjoying my vacation. I have graduated and became an official Dentist more than a month ago, since then I have placed my first draft of the second book of the Psychs series with my two most critical readers. I, however, enjoyed my first and maybe last long vacation in my life before I start my rotation.

Me at TGI Fridays

Me at TGI Fridays


Writing is the only work I love to do and don’t think I need a vacation from, I have finished my second book of the series and during my vacation I started reading it as a reader and not as a writer, meaning I wasn’t looking for editing or vocabulary or anything that is roughly affecting the words and needed to be smoothed out, I was reading as a hard critic who is only looking for something negative in the story itself. I have finished the book and came up with this conclusion.

I can do better

Writers should always be flexible and resilient when it comes to writing their novels, they should leave their pride out of it. When you, the writer, or anyone else find a flaw in your words or ideas you must do what’s necessary for the sake of the story.

Which is why I decided to delay the release of the second chapter in the Psychs series, The Remnant. I have already started the new modifications.

What will happen is this, I’ll be keeping my plot, which was the doorstep to the third book of the series, and to have more of what I believe my story needs, I will be combining the second book of the Psychs series with the third book, and The Remnant will be a name of one of the book’s chapters… which means the title will change too.

So allow me to introduce for the first time, the new name of the second book in the Psychs series.


A word which means Devil. I chose that word because it has a nice ring to it, and I believe its tone will help pickup my story to where I want it to be. And because you’ve been too good, you will soon get to hear the Prologue. It’s already been written and the rough edges are smoothed, but I am just working on presenting it in a unique manner. The first time should always be special.


That’s how I’ve been for the last couple of days.

Another thing I’d like to mention is that I will be doing a book signing in the first bookstore that I have started selling at, and in which my old copies of my fiction thriller became a best seller where I live in Kuwait.

My thriller, Psychs, best selling fiction in Kuwait

My thriller, Psychs, best selling fiction in Kuwait


I will be introducing my new edition for the first time in a bookstore at That Al Salasil Bookstore (roughly translated ‘Of the series’), once I receive my new copies.

The recent and reviewed edition of the Psychs series.

The recent and reviewed edition of the Psychs series.


So as you can see, I will be very busy in the coming days. I’m glad the vacation has recharged me for what’s coming. It took me a while to reach there, and I couldn’t do it without the support I have received from all of my kind readers and from the help and advices I received from all the authors and agents out there.

Psychs is available in both Paperback edition and E-book edition in more than 33 online stores including:-


Barnes and Noble

Powell’s Books


Abe Books

Click here to view all the links to the online stores, and click here to visit the website.

Happy reading everyone.

~ A. H. Amin

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One of my best supporters

Yesterday, one of my best friends who lives abroad visited me. I haven’t seen him for 2 years and we stayed in contact through the social networks, and since I share my news and updates with everyone, he was bound to learn that his best friend has a fiction thriller out there.
I took him to P. F. Changs for lunch, and then we went to shop in the Grand Avenues. That’s when he gave me the book to sign it for him.


Here’s what I wrote (translated from Arabic):-

To my dear friend

With this book I dedicate my greatest wishes of health, wealth and prosperity for you and all your beloved ones.

Don’t forget that I paid a lot for today’s lunch. (I wrote the bill for him)

Long Live Play (he’s a very big fan of video games and this phrase is famous among gamers)

I wrote the date, signed it for him and then wrote a witness section where our third friend signed too.

I have signed my book a couple of times before, but that one was special to me. He have already read my thriller and it was his cup of tea. He gave me the support that every author in the world needs. It is that support that keeps us going on to create and polish our stories… they make things easier for us.

Psychs website

The hours are running out


Art by Wenqing Yan

I came across this image on Facebook and It was really moving.
The reason why I decided to share this was because 10 years ago I was able to walk around in the middle of the afternoon without being bothered. I can’t do that anymore, and I’m in a much better shape than I used to be.

Give more to our planet and take less.
Share, please. You may save us all.

~ A. H. Amin

The easiest way to be sad is to do nothing

Everyone is born with a story to tell and wherever there are ears or eyes, tales will always have a place to flow too. We are all bottles of ink yearning to be spilled. Life can be created by your hands and all you need to do is sit and let your primitive idea evolve.


Art by Matheus Lopes

I saw this work of art and inspiration flickered in my head. Illumination of the mind can help you see a brighter world. You can’t call yourself creative until you actually create something. Why wouldn’t we create? Aren’t we the fragments of the creator’s soul?
The easiest way to be sad is doing nothing. So why not give yourself a purpose, a reason to be happy? You will realize that you have been blessed all along with talents you didn’t know you had.
I hope today’s piece of my mind tasted good and I hope today I have inspired someone to create his or her masterpiece, or at least, help someone to feel happy.

~ A. H. Amin

Kids say the darnedest things

The following conversation took place today between me and my five year old nephew.

Nephew: Uncle, I want to grow up to be big.
Me: why, kiddo?
Nephew: So I can be able to punch.
Me: Who do you want to punch?!
Nephew: I want to be able to punch girls.
Me: No, kiddo. That is not right. You don’t hit anyone.
Nephew closes his eyes, shaking his head dramatically and says: I’m sorry uncle, but I have to do it.

What had happened to him that made him decide that it is his destiny to do that. I laughed so hard at that. Apparently he is pushed around by his two sisters and he is kind of annoyed from them. I love that kid.
He asked me how to spell my last name (Amin) and he wrote the letters in the air. I could have swore that he wrote Agru instead.


That’s him, really cute and funny.