Lessons from the master

I came across to some wisdom today from the person who applied his knowledge and experiences to create his art, which he named Jeet Kwon Do.
Jeet Kwon Do means “Way of the intercepting fist” in Cantonese. The world knows it as an empty-handed fighting method developed by the late Bruce Lee, and represents his lifelong study of human biomechanics to utilize the body efficiently and effectively in martial combat.

The late Bruce Lee lived for only 32 years (27 November1940- 20 July 1973), but he was able to leave an immortal legacy because he lived up to his principals and he applied life to his science. And today I wanted to share one of his lessons that allowed success to take over and not the other way around. This gem of a wisdom is what we need to apply to allow our work to reach the full performance. It is not just another martial art lesson, it’s a lesson from life.


I hope this lesson will enlighten you.
I leave you with a question. What do you do when you learn something?



5 thoughts on “Lessons from the master

  1. I come across some of the quotes of Bruce Lee on occasion across WordPress, they are inspirational in their unique way.

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