The hours are running out


Art by Wenqing Yan

I came across this image on Facebook and It was really moving.
The reason why I decided to share this was because 10 years ago I was able to walk around in the middle of the afternoon without being bothered. I can’t do that anymore, and I’m in a much better shape than I used to be.

Give more to our planet and take less.
Share, please. You may save us all.

~ A. H. Amin



  1. 1digitalfingerprint · March 18, 2013

    If that sand glass existed, in real life, I would buy it tomorrow. Brilliant picture. Depth and a lot of character.

    • ahamin · March 18, 2013

      I hope it exists. If it does it will help raise awareness 🙂

  2. crankycaregiver · March 18, 2013

    Thanks for sharing, and you are 100% right! We must give more to the earth and stop being greedy before all the beauty in our world has become a thing of the past!

    • ahamin · March 18, 2013

      You are absolutely right! I hope people will see things through our binoculars.

      Thanks for the kind words.

      A. H. Amin

  3. sakuraandme · March 26, 2013

    That image is so powerful it draws you in. Night x

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