Hello strangers…

It does feel weird not to blog for a while, especially since my last post was an April’s Fool ruse of me getting a bad news from my doctor.
I have been doing what I love the most lately, spending time with the family and writing Iblis, the second book of the Psychs series, I have changed the first title, which was the Remnant, but I kept the name, I’ll be using it as a title of one of my shocking chapters.
At the moment, I am preparing for a new event, a book signing at Avenues mall, but I am also preparing for representing the first premiere of Iblis, it is on the way, I don’t want to hasten things up, I like my stories to come out how they want, when they want.
Until then, I’ll keep doing what I do best, getting beaten by my nephews on Fifa (a soccer game on PS3).

Since I mentioned soccer and video games, here’s an inside joke only us Football hooligans can get.



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