Sometimes, I feel like I’m still in the prologue…


Keep reading everyone.

~ A. H. Amin


‘The path I take’… My writing advices.

Writing a book is an uncharted journey that we take, an adventure of self discovering and learning more than it is an act of creating. As I ventured to the unknown, I started to fill the blank map of my writing career and my uncharted adventure became better known to me. So today I wanted to lay to everyone my chart so maybe all you writers out there can find your own books to call your treasure.


Every book starts with THE idea, needless to say, but it is THAT idea that fuels your writing engine, the more pure your idea is, the better your story will work.
In the old days, they used the old type writers to write, it was a tiresome thing to do, which is why not so many writers write unless they have something really important to offer. Which also explains why old books are mostly better.

A friend of mine was discussing an idea for a book he plans to write, it was a combination of other ideas, from movies, books or video games. I told him that and he got upset. Which brings us to our next point.

Abandon your Pride


Writers should always be flexible and resilient when it comes to writing their novels, they should leave their pride out of it. When you, the writer, or anyone else find a flaw in your words or ideas you must do what’s necessary for the sake of the story.

As for my next advice, I’ll let Jon Stewart gives you a hint


Reading is really important, you must be a reader before you become a writer. By reading, you explore the essence of your own writing style, it provokes the artist within you and it will help you grow more as a writer, not just by heightening your artistic senses, but also by revealing to you what it takes to be at the level of the writers you follow.

Next advice on the agenda… Provoker


Best ideas are originated from the subconscious since our consciousness is too busy with our reality. The trick is to know how to provoke it. Music is a good way to take when you need to escape from reality to fantasy, there’s exercise too, one can get lost in their thoughts and eventually stumble upon an unfamiliar idea that have been dormant for a while. Any form of hobbies that take our minds out of what’s real is a good way for new ideas to emerge.

Next we have… Research


Research is what you do to nurture your newly born idea. If you do it well your story will grow up in the proper way.
Though we live in the digital world, I prefer doing researches about my stories in the library because, somehow, you can absorb the literature and knowledge from the books around you in an osmosis way. It works as a synergist to my creative juices.

Which brings us to point 4.



A place to help you become in sync with your story. You need to find your special writing place where your words can flow smoothly out of your fingers.



You must be patient when you condition your idea, otherwise, it won’t come out the way you want it to be. And you must apply the previous advice too, which is to remove pride out of it, or it will cloud your judgement and tricks you into hasten things, leaving them pass unchecked.

Now I leave you with my final advice.

Write, write, write and then write some more. You could be the best writer in the world and we may never find out because you were too lazy to sit down and write.



~ A. H. Amin

Funny, but sad…


I did laugh a lot when I saw this, but it is actually a serious matter. I remember that 12 years ago I was able to bath in the noon’s sun on the way to my swimming club, now I find it hard to go to the car when the sun is still out.
I really hope the best for our planet and everyone on it. That’s why I’m glad to see many countries growing lots of plants and having harsher laws in an effort to regain and elongate our beloved planet’s age.
I saw a documentary that revealed to me the worst case scenario, it’s called Earth 2100. I highly recommend it to everyone who are curious about what’s behind that door of all the others that lead to our future.

The flickering moment


It’s when a new light shines upon your world, providing you with a new binocular to see what you have been missing the entire time.
In just one blink through the hour glass you will see your whole ideas starting to glue themselves; I got that moment today and it was an amazing euphoric sensation, too much so it should be illegal.
To create is to have a purpose, I always say, no matter how skeptical you can get about the mysteries of the world, you can’t deny the magic a new idea can create, and it takes courage and labor to bring that what’s within for everyone to see.
I hope everyone had that moment at some point in their lives, the moment a light flickered for you to see what you are meant to do.

~ A. H. Amin

‘Iblis’, The second book of the Psychs series…

Here is the first look inside the second book of the ‘Psychs‘ series, entitled ‘Iblīs’. You can learn about Psychs by visiting my website or by reading the reviews on goodreads.

Have a great read.


The sixth attempt to find what he wants, Nicolas stood in front of an orphanage. He wore fake glasses for appearances and he held a small briefcase in his right hand, a briefcase he clings to and had never let go off ever since he and others like him have been trusted with keeping them. Today that briefcase was useful in giving him the appearance that he wants to reflect in public.

     The sixth orphanage… maybe it’s an omen? He thought.

     He got out from the orphanage, feeling upset. He knows what he is seeking for will take time. But he was afraid that his faith in his plans will dampen. In his dark state of mind his surrounding became obscured, he came back to his senses when a car caused the waters from the street to splash on him, leaving him with wet clothes and a concern from the thoughts interrupted by the street puddle.

     He returned to the safe house available for him in that country. They have many in almost every place in the world. There was a man in that house like the rest of the other houses, a man whose job includes patching the agents and supplying for their demands. Today he was there to make sure that Nicolas wakes up two hours from now, so he can leave the country and keep searching for that special kid that no one will ask about.

     ‘What made you get wet?’ The man asked Nicolas while offering him some coffee.

     ‘My damn luck’ he bitterly answered ‘so as you can see, I couldn’t find whoever I want’

     ‘Orphans… with no families to care for’ the man said. Abandoned by the father… is there a better soldier to adopt?

     Nicolas changed his wet clothes and then he went to his bed, the seven hours he had spent in his search left him so heavy he sunk into slumber by an incomplete blink of an eye.

     Nicolas felt a grip on his shoulder, it woke him up.

     ‘Time to leave’ the man told him. He looked right next to him on the floor, and then he sat in an upright position and looked all around the room.

     ‘Where is my briefcase?’ He asked. The man searched around and then he said ‘Where have you put it?’ That statement sobered him up. He always leaves it right next to him. He looked around for that case but he couldn’t find it.

     ‘Damn it! Where is it?!’ the man in front of Nicolas was frightened, thinking that he had just made his biggest, and maybe last mistake. Nicolas went to his wet jacket and then he took out his GPS… the case was not inside the house.

     They both were in the car now, heading towards where the device identified the whereabouts of the radio frequencies’ source. It took them thirty minutes to reach the location. The car pulled over and Nicolas got out from it, looking at an old and abandoned house that was missing half a roof and plants were part of the decoration. Who lives here?

     ‘Keep the car running’ He told the man and then he took out his sidearm. He moved slowly. His eyes checked every corner for a security camera and he looked down to spot any traps too. He went through, and with each step he looked for some kind of a hindrance that can cause him to be noticed. He spotted a couple of trap wires, following their courses with his eyes, he learned that they were related to some glass bottles. Someone here doesn’t like guests.

     Nicolas was old enough to not let such amateur espionage tricks pass him by. He took his time to move silently inside the house until he was able to hear some noises.  He heard sounds of papers. Someone is searching the briefcase’s contents. His weapon was ready, and whoever is there, he is cornered. He got out and pointed his sidearm.

     A small figure sat in the corner, his eyes widened, pointing directly toward the weapon Nicolas was holding. Nicolas was surprised, he studied the kid, he was covered with what Nicolas thought could be charcoal smoke and he was surrounded by the contents of the bag. He was scared, his blue eyes showed that even though he was sitting still. Nicolas lowered his weapon.

     ‘You’re the one who stole my briefcase?’

     ‘Yes… you can have it back if you want to… you don’t have to shoot me’ the young kid answered in a calm, yet child like tone. The way that kid spoke, he thought, analyzing him like he does with other kids in the orphanage. He sounds almost like an adult, you can’t teach real life to a kid confined in an orphanage.

     ‘You went through the chimney, didn’t you? Why did you steal my briefcase?’ Nicolas said.

     ‘I… I thought it had something worth stealing.’ the kid said.

     ‘Why this one? What made you think it worth something?’

     ‘I saw you protecting it from the splashing waters near Mary Magdalene’s orphanage… I thought it had something valuable’

     Nicolas couldn’t believe what he is looking at, what he is hearing from that kid. It is fate.

     He looked around and realized that the kid lives here, probably with someone, too. He needs to act fast.

     ‘Are you alone, kid?’ Nicolas asked.

     ‘Yes… No one lives here besides me’

     Nicolas smiled at the young boy and then he came closer. ‘You are a bad liar… but don’t worry, I’ll fix that.’

     The man in the car looked at Nicolas as he was holding the unconscious kid. He placed him inside the car and ordered for the man to go. The kid’s head rested on Nicolas’s lap, people could mistake him for his son. Suddenly, Nicolas started to hear a faint noise as the car was moving away. He turned to look behind and saw a little kid running behind the car, a girl screaming a name that dissipated in the air and couldn’t catch his ears. The car moved away, leaving the little girl to her fate.

     Two weeks later, a man Nicolas sees every month had just arrived to get a live report. He learned that Nicolas had found a new kid. He saw Nicolas looking at him from an open window.

     ‘That’s a nice Royce you have there.’ Nicolas said.

     ‘It’s a 1976 RollsRoyce Silver Shadow; they won’t release them until next year.’ A man Nicolas only knows as Bill said.

     ‘It doesn’t hurt to look classy, even if we are in a cold war and an economical war. So I understand that I am to see the kid you have been bragging about, the one you told me he’s not like the others?’ Bill said and Nicolas led the way.

     One storey bellow the ground there was a different place. It had two soldiers and three people who appeared as they have never held a weapon before. Could be scientists. Bill thought.

     They both reached to a door, Nicolas flicked a light switch and Bill saw some light coming from underneath. Nicolas opened the door.

     ‘After you’ he said to Bill.

     Bill took his first steps inside, the temperature was different, it was much warmer. His nose picked up a couple of smells that he was able to interpret later after his eyes witnessed the horror.

     There lied a kid, not more than seven years old, every inch of his skin screamed pain, showing bruises, blood, sweat and tears. He was half conscious with what little life left in him. The kid looked at Nicolas, and then he looked at the new face, a man he sees for the first time.

     Bill spun towards Nicolas, and then he left the room. The kid was sealed again in the dark.

     Nicolas looked at Bill’s shocked and confused face. He placed a hand on his shoulder and then he said.

     ‘That’s what it takes to create a devil’

A quick recap on ‘Psychs’ before I reveal the second book of the series…

previously on psychs


I have mentioned for a while now that I will be revealing the prologue of the second book of the Psychs series, entitled ‘Iblīs’, but a wise woman once said in her poem, ‘To know your future, you must know your past’ ~ Margaret Jang. So in order to take the first step forward, let us look back and trace our steps so we can’t get lost.

There are no major spoiler’s alert, just the gist of the first book of the series and the characters. You can learn what people are saying about my thriller on goodreads, and you can visit my website and my facebook page too to learn more.

Psychs is a story that tells the history and future of a man named Hassan, explaining how his tragic event of his birth caused eight spirits to be connected to his existence, and how he started to build his relationship with them and the people around him. His history which revealed through a form of flashbacks will explain the reason why Hassan decided to pursue psychology as an academic life – which will prove to be rewarding sometimes – and then a military life as a way to put his ability to good use, using the spirits for his advantage which will give him an edge.

Another story unravels to introduce a man named Adam Goldfish; a person who was a U. S. Marine and for thirteen years presumed to be dead. The story of Adam reveals how he was betrayed by his superior and how he had spent thirteen years in a prison away from home. Adam Goldfish, also known as Shark in the story, will execute one of the greatest escapes of his time, and he will seek the one who took more than time away from him.

United, but not from the start, by a common enemy, Hassan and Adam will collaborate, the former will do so to see an end to the chaos the country is experiencing, the latter to see through his revenge… and both to try to survive from the unknown.

I hope you enjoyed what you have learned from the first book, and I hope you will enjoy the first look into the second book in the series entitled ‘Iblis’

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Two weeks… What have I been up to??

That’s a first for me since I started blogging, two weeks have passed since the last time I shared a piece of my mind or my lives… That is my writing and academic lives.
I have shared recently that I will be doing a book signing where I live, what I didn’t know is that they only had an open spot on May… My intern in the clinics starts on May too, today to be exact. Though I live to write, I shouldn’t ignore my academic life which had a great influence on my writing, so I called off the book signing till I’m back again. In the coming months, I’ll be working in the morning and writing and reading the rest of the day… I’ll be living the dream. At the moment I’m reading Shadows of Penumbra by Margaret E. Alexander, so far I’m enjoying it.


Took this on the plane yesterday… Mountains in the skies…

So as for my series, I will share the prologue soon, just need to settle down first and to share some of my first book in the series, Psychs, before I remove the curtains on the first look of the second book, Iblis.

So I hope everyone is having a great day today, I’ll be blogging more often, for I have missed sharing and reading my interesting bloggers.