Funny, but sad…


I did laugh a lot when I saw this, but it is actually a serious matter. I remember that 12 years ago I was able to bath in the noon’s sun on the way to my swimming club, now I find it hard to go to the car when the sun is still out.
I really hope the best for our planet and everyone on it. That’s why I’m glad to see many countries growing lots of plants and having harsher laws in an effort to regain and elongate our beloved planet’s age.
I saw a documentary that revealed to me the worst case scenario, it’s called Earth 2100. I highly recommend it to everyone who are curious about what’s behind that door of all the others that lead to our future.


8 thoughts on “Funny, but sad…

  1. There is some irony to the photo. I am very upset with this Monsanto business, which we in America just allowed to happen, just like we allowed all of our jobs to go to China and other third world countries even though it meant labor laws would not be followed and our products would be made by slaves. Even though I am American, I feel like we are idiots. Egotistical maniacs. And then we are confused why so many people hate us. Now that is narcissism!

    • It sure is, that’s why I left politics and business and started to invest in people. The greedy businesses of our countries doesn’t look to who really matters, and for me, people like you and others are what I concentrate on.
      I really admire you passion about this. Thanks for your thoughts πŸ™‚

      ~ A. H. Amin

  2. Being a Biologist, I totally see this from the climate change and deforestation side of things. Even just day to day wildlife conflicts, which I constantly see.
    The one comforting thing, for me, is Earth will always be here, it will always adapt. But in order to preserve all ‘life as we know it,’ we need to adapt as well.

    • Which is a hard thing to do, to adjust. And earth’s own process of adaption can become in a firm of punishment through some sort of a natural disaster that us and the next generations will have to suffer and pay for.
      I just hope people will start to adapt as fast as they could instead of trying to keep what they have at the expenses of Mother Nature.

    • I agree. I hope at some point we will evolve, but I’m afraid it could be to something worse than who we are since we consider ourselves the most evolved species.
      Thanks for the comment.

      ~ A. H. Amin

  3. Hi Amin, I love the sun and sunbathing. As for the water at the beach…It belongs to the sharks, it’s their home! I have my own!! Lol πŸ™‚
    Hope you had a great day! Hugs Paula xx πŸ™‚

    • I did.
      I always have been a day person more than a nighty one, I’m just concerned that with all the climate change that it won’t affect my habits… Adaptation is hard, but sometimes necessary.

      ~ A. H. Amin

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