‘The path I take’… My writing advices.

Writing a book is an uncharted journey that we take, an adventure of self discovering and learning more than it is an act of creating. As I ventured to the unknown, I started to fill the blank map of my writing career and my uncharted adventure became better known to me. So today I wanted to lay to everyone my chart so maybe all you writers out there can find your own books to call your treasure.


Every book starts with THE idea, needless to say, but it is THAT idea that fuels your writing engine, the more pure your idea is, the better your story will work.
In the old days, they used the old type writers to write, it was a tiresome thing to do, which is why not so many writers write unless they have something really important to offer. Which also explains why old books are mostly better.

A friend of mine was discussing an idea for a book he plans to write, it was a combination of other ideas, from movies, books or video games. I told him that and he got upset. Which brings us to our next point.

Abandon your Pride


Writers should always be flexible and resilient when it comes to writing their novels, they should leave their pride out of it. When you, the writer, or anyone else find a flaw in your words or ideas you must do what’s necessary for the sake of the story.

As for my next advice, I’ll let Jon Stewart gives you a hint


Reading is really important, you must be a reader before you become a writer. By reading, you explore the essence of your own writing style, it provokes the artist within you and it will help you grow more as a writer, not just by heightening your artistic senses, but also by revealing to you what it takes to be at the level of the writers you follow.

Next advice on the agenda… Provoker


Best ideas are originated from the subconscious since our consciousness is too busy with our reality. The trick is to know how to provoke it. Music is a good way to take when you need to escape from reality to fantasy, there’s exercise too, one can get lost in their thoughts and eventually stumble upon an unfamiliar idea that have been dormant for a while. Any form of hobbies that take our minds out of what’s real is a good way for new ideas to emerge.

Next we have… Research


Research is what you do to nurture your newly born idea. If you do it well your story will grow up in the proper way.
Though we live in the digital world, I prefer doing researches about my stories in the library because, somehow, you can absorb the literature and knowledge from the books around you in an osmosis way. It works as a synergist to my creative juices.

Which brings us to point 4.



A place to help you become in sync with your story. You need to find your special writing place where your words can flow smoothly out of your fingers.



You must be patient when you condition your idea, otherwise, it won’t come out the way you want it to be. And you must apply the previous advice too, which is to remove pride out of it, or it will cloud your judgement and tricks you into hasten things, leaving them pass unchecked.

Now I leave you with my final advice.

Write, write, write and then write some more. You could be the best writer in the world and we may never find out because you were too lazy to sit down and write.



~ A. H. Amin



  1. ketch1714 · May 23, 2013

    Love this!

  2. sakuraandme · May 23, 2013

    Hi Ahamin,

    I have nominated you for an award on my page!!
    Hope you accept it. 🙂


    • ahamin · May 23, 2013

      Thank you, Paula. This is really thoughtful of you 🙂

  3. theworldoutsidethewindow · May 23, 2013

    Great advice! Thanks.

  4. bookpeeps · May 23, 2013

    Excellent post and every point is right on!

    • ahamin · May 23, 2013

      Thank you 🙂
      I’m glad you liked my advices.

      ~ A. H. Amin

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