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We already have borders between our nations… No need to place borders around our minds.

~ A. H. Amin


The beginning of an obsession… ‘How ‘Kima’ started’

‘Art is a single soul divided to all’

This expression is what I always use to describe the fragment of the creator’s spirit within us, which empower our creative juices and draws us towards the stories we are meant to portrait through words, colors or sounds. In my last post, Kima was mentioned for the first time, an inspirational story that I have been finally polishing to its final form… a bit different than my first release, Psychs, a fiction thriller following the story of a guy bound to 8 spirits by the tragic event of his birth, who then uses those ghosts and their knowledge to become a soldier of fortune.
So why the surprising shift? Is it a writer’s pride? To try and prove to one’s self that I can write anything in any genre? Well, to answer that I have to go back to how it all started in 2009, where an idea dropped by.


Ideas delivered
Art by Adrian Borda

I came across by chance – or fate – to an article on the Internet, where stranded false killer whales were found in South Africa, in that article they mentioned that the first time this had happened in there was in 1928, Christmas Eve, at Kommetjie Beach, though it had happened in other places long before that. For some reason or another I couldn’t get that out of my head… I started to look into it and all I got were theories and some were controversial, but in the end, my curiosity was left unsatisfied.
I started to imagine my own reasons, then I started to picture how did it feel to see something like that for the first time, on Christmas Eve, how did the people, or the first person to see that, reacted… Could that person be a kid?… It must have been a traumatizing thing to witness… A story could be told, so I started to write thoughts only, on a new note book that I got and labeled for the recent obsessing idea.
One day, I did a research at the library to know more about South Africa, particularly about life over there in 1928… And there it was, I came across something that flickered my passion to write Kima, something that I believe could be the reason that could fulfill my curiosity. I started writing, and reading, rewriting, reading again and then rewrote for a final read.
Kima will be released this year, and I will be sharing an excerpt from the novel and some hand picked quotes that I hope will be enjoyed and inspire everyone.
I also have a ‘Psychs’ related surprise that I hope you will feel excited about too. But until then, enjoy your days.

~ A. H. Amin

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That moment when I write ‘The End’…


Hello my dear readers,

Last week I have placed the final nail on my new novel, Kima, an inspirational story inspired by an annual event that happens every year since 1928, in South Africa.
Today, I felt like sharing my great news and in the future I will be sharing even more.
Be on the lookout for a Psychs related news… And no, it’s not Iblis

Have a wonderful day everyone.

~ A. H. Amin

Summer eBook Giveaway: Shadows of Penumbra


Author Margaret Alexander is giving away 10 of her recently born urban fantasy thriller, Shadows of Penumbra! Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below for a chance to win an ebook copy.
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Here’s what you are allowed to know about Shadows of Penumbra (Blurb):

Seven sins. Seven souls. Seven weapons.

Something sinful resides in Diane’s memories, she’s certain of it. That’s why she traded them in to protect her father and her best friend.

Trained in the task of erasing criminal masterminds’ memories, Diane yawns at the notion of converting yet another Rebel. But when her target turns out to be a little less than human and a bit more than demon, a whole new breed of beings invade Diane’s world and lure her into another dimension, where the world is a ruined, enchanted mirror of reality.

Some of them are ideal doppelgangers of humans called Shadows; others are hybrids with sinister intentions. And they’re about to reveal a lot more than the reason for the trauma in her past or why the world is ending. Like who are the biggest pawns in a conspiracy to “perfect” mankind. Diane must push her mind past all limits and master a set of elements no human has ever controlled to stand any chance of confronting the organization responsible.

After they’re through with her, the Shadows give her a choice: to live the life she’s always wanted or conquer seven powerful devices that will even the odds. Good thing Diane always has a trick up her sleeve, and a partner in crime…

If you like the taste of this cup of tea, then you are in luck today. Here is the link for the Giveaway, click and start reading.

You can also find the author on Amazon, Goodreads, Blogspot and Twitter.

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I decided to take a look at my novel on goodreads and came across to this newly reader of mine.

As the writer of the novel, I feel overwhelmed… As a LOST fan (TV series) I feel mildly scared since he wrote that after reaching page 108!!!

~ A. H. Amin

There is no Kryptonite for you…


The power to create characters and to decide which one gets to live or die… Or even reborn. The ability to play Cupid or Eris, tailoring or tearing the fabrications of relationships, that is the power writers withhold in their hands.
Never underestimate the supernatural powers of words, they can create and destroy, they have the potential to transform you, carry you through like portals to another dimension.

I’d like to say one more thing to me fellow superheroes…

‘Write, write, write and then write some more… The best author in the world could be out there but we may never hear about him or her because she or he was too lazy to sit down and write.

Carry on, everyone.