Meet Sara and Emma…


Before releasing a spinoff from a main series I think we should first learn who will we be spinning with? That is why in the coming days I will host guest honors from the series, and since my last post placed me in a good mood, today I will introduce two characters from the ‘Psychs’ series.

‘Psychs 1st’ is a spin off that tells the story of young Hassan, a guy with eight ghosts connected to him by the tragic event of his birth, he decided to visit the United States in an effort to put closure to the 7 ghosts who are connected to him by visiting their families and give them letters with a fake story of how he got those letters, only to discover that he is there to do more than that, and probably to try and survive.

So without further stalling and teasing, here are the first two ghosts, and I think it is only appropriate to start with the one who gave birth to our main character.

~ Sara


SaraThe first time they found her she was pregnant and only a click away from her death, right after she had lost her husband and Hassan’s real father. Strangely for everyone and even her own son, she appears as the most ghostly looking spirit of the group because she has wide eyes and looked as if she came out from a Tim Burton movie. She was the first ghost to appear to him and the most to stick around Hassan.


~ Emma

EmmaOther than the fact that she is one of the soldiers who found Sara, outside the military life she is a lover of fantasy, she is a Star Wars fan and a very good climber in her previous life, all that was an influence from her father. She is an only child. She was the closest person to Sara when they all died.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Sara and Emma, they would be really pleased to have met you all if they were real, but who knows, maybe they do exist in another world and I dreamed about them.

Will be introducing the rest of the family in the coming days.


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  1. ketch1714 · August 11, 2013

    Great first picks! Though, honestly, it’s hard for me to pick my favorite ghosts from Psychs (I really enjoyed them all), I have to say Sara and Emma were at the top of my list. 🙂

  2. Indira · August 12, 2013

    I have met them, they both are adorable.

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